6 Things You Learn From Having Your Heart Broken

healing from a breakup

One of the hardest things to go through is having your heart broken. For many of us, it will happen several times throughout life. The hardest time will always be the first, because you just don't know how to bounce back. It turns out, heartbreak isn't as bad as it may seem. It actually holds a lot of valuable lessons. Read on to find out the six things you'll learn from having your heart broken:

1. You Create Your Own Happiness

The initial feeling after a bad breakup is that your happiness is gone. You wonder how you could possibly be happy without this other person in your life. With some time, you will find that your happiness does not depend on another person. You have to create it yourself. Heartbreak will teach you to seek out things on your own that make you happy. It may be learning a new skill or starting a new hobby. It may be playing a sport or making artwork. Whatever it is, you'll realize that you are creating happiness for yourself without that other person.

2. It's Okay To Be Vulnerable

There are fewer things that make you more vulnerable than having your heart broken. Whether your ex left you abruptly, cheated on you, or just moved on, having someone reject you in that way can leave you feeling very vulnerable. While vulnerability is a totally normal human feeling, it often makes people feel embarrassed. Many people associate vulnerability with weakness, but that's just not the case. Heartbreak will help you to realize that being vulnerable after a breakup is totally natural and nothing to be ashamed of.

lessons from heartbreak

3. Time Heals Most Things

It sounds cliché, but the reality is that time really does heal almost anything. Immediately after a breakup, you'll feel so much pain and despair. It may feel like the end of the world, but this feeling will actually pass. You'll find that as time goes on, the pain gets less and less. Eventually you'll be able to think of your former partner and past relationship without feeling any pain at all.

4. You Need To Hold Yourself Accountable Sometimes

Self-accountability is a tricky thing for many people. A good thing that breakups teach us is how to hold ourselves accountable for what we do wrong. While your ex may be at fault for the breakup, it is still possible that you made some mistakes yourself. When you're healing from heartbreak, you learn how to look in the mirror and reflect on your part in the breakup. Were there things you could've done better? Are there things you'll do differently in your next relationship? Heartache is a very good teacher when it comes to self-accountability.

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5. You Learn To Love Yourself

A lot of people feel totally worthless and unwanted after having their heart broken. As time goes on, this feeling will decrease and you will learn to love yourself for everything you are. This is especially true if you stay single for a while after the breakup. Being on your own gives you time for self reflection and time to grow. You learn to appreciate all the unique things about yourself and all the ways you're a great person. In the end, you'll be more confident than ever before!

6. Getting Back Up Is Easier Than You Thought

When someone breaks your heart, the initial feeling will be to retreat. You've been knocked to the ground and you probably feel like you want to crawl into a deep, dark hole. The thought of picking yourself up and moving on will seem like the most difficult, daunting thing in the world. As time passes, you'll see that getting back up is not as hard as it seems. Being happy and even finding love again is a lot easier than you ever expected. Before you know it, you'll have your life back on track and you'll wonder how it ever even got derailed.

lessons from a breakup

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