6 Tips on How to Be Happy After a Breakup

No one told getting over a breakup is easy, but if you know the right coping strategies in the first few weeks, you can make it a lot less painful. Here, I have highlighted the behaviors that have proven to be successful is helping a person get over a breakup and move on with their lives and get their happiness back.

1. Hangout With Your Most Fun Friend

You probably know which friend of yours is the funniest. If not, then figure out which person in your friends' circle is the funniest or makes you laugh. Now, that you have found him/her spend more time with that person. Individuals who are funny lift us when we’re feeling depressed. So, make preparations to get together as much as possible and have fun.

2. Arrange a Small Party at Your Home

We won’t tell you to party the next day; you broke up. But if it has been a week or more, it’s time for you to socialize again. Arrange a dinner party, sports party, or a movie night at your place and invite all of your close friends to join you. Nothing heals a broken heart by spending some quality time with close pals.

3. Go For A Road Trip or A Vacation

If you want to feel motivated and happy, you must look forward to doing something. It’s okay if you want to lay low for some time, but if you want to mend your broken heart, plan a road trip or a vacation for 2-3 days. It will take your mind off all the negative thoughts and instill hope in yourself.

4. Get Engaged In Physically Exhilarating Activities

No, I am not telling you to join a gym and pump iron. This one is completely different. After a breakup, most of us suffer from two things – low energy and bad mood. Getting active in physically challenging activities will boost both your mind and energy. Don’t be lazy and try to do at least one exciting activity per week. You don’t have to go to the gym, try activities that will excite you and make you happy. So, ask a friend and ride a roller coaster or go dancing at the club.

5. Attend A Workshop or A Class

If you want to keep your mind of your recent breakup, consider taking a class or attending a workshop at your local school or community college. It will be a rewarding experience for you. Try something that’s new and fun like pottery, cooking classes, guitar lessons and so forth. It’s a great way to distract your mind from the saddening experience of your breakup and being focused on your daily life.

6. Take On a New Challenge

Instead of drowning in sadness and hopelessness after a breakup, focuses on yourself, give yourself a new challenge and do something productive. If you have gained some weight, lose it; didn’t get that promotion, get it; update your old resume and find a new job; don’t like the paint on your wall, repaint it; and so on. These challenges are helpful, and they force you to get your life back on track and envisage a new beginning.

Overall, all of these tasks will no doubt improve your mood and distract your mind from the anger and sadness after the end of your relationship.

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