6 Ways To Boost Your Togetherness Quotient (TQ) To Fall In Love

Are all of your new relationships short-lived and unsatisfying? Are you one of those men and women who spend all of their at home alone on the weekends because dating is complicated and hard? Do you think of yourself destined to remain single?

If yes, then know that these are all signs that you need to boost your “Togetherness Quotient” or “TQ.” Togetherness Quotient is the term that is used for the combination of attitudes and behaviors an individual has which determines how quickly he or she can form healthy, intimate relationships. Our ability to love someone deeply and intimately depends on the all the relationships and experiences, that we have gathered since the day we were born.

If we try, we can boost our TQ, and have the chance to get rid of the barriers to love ourselves and love others. Here are seven ways to do it.

1. Practice Relationships
Love isn’t something that will come knocking at your door. You have to get out there, look for it, practice talking, laughing, sharing, and socializing. Join a social group like a book club or a hiking group. The first to find love is meet new people and be friends with them.

2. Accept Yourself
Until you accept yourself, you can’t master togetherness and intimacy in a romantic relationship. Pause for a moment and think what things about yourself that you like are, and then accept it. Forgive yourself for all of past activities that make you feel ashamed, or things that you’ve done that have hurt others. Strive on believing in yourself.

3. Stop Thinking About Your Past
No matter how painful your breakups were, or how bad your previous relationships were, take some comfort for yourself as all of these are in the past now. Everything today will much more exciting and different. Learn from these life lessons and experiences so the next time you go on a date, expect that he/she will be the right partner for you. Always expect a better outcome this time.

4. Honor Your Boundaries
Togetherness Quotient means accepting and taking care of yourself. Get involved in activities that you like doing; gives you joy, soothe you, delight you and make you feel free, energized and excited. If you’re happy, confident and active, it will make you look more attractive to another person.

5. Make Your Hopes And Dreams Come True
When it comes to love relationships, what are your hopes and dream about the relationship? What is the dream you’ve carried throughout your whole life? What is that you always wanted to have which you wanted to experience and share with another person? Dreams play a vital role in the togetherness quotient. Togetherness is an essential part of yourself. Envision of manifesting your dream into reality to find the right person.

6. Be Courageous
One of the big hurdles most men and women face while looking for love is that they’re afraid of intimacy. But, there is absolutely no reason to feel that way. Are you scared that the man or the woman you’re going to meet for the first time won’t like you? Who cares? If that occurs, then it means you both are not a good fit anyway, and you should move on.

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