6 Ways Facebook Is Destroying Your Relationship

Not all infidelities are the same. They come in all shapes and sizes. The most obvious kind is the one where someone secretly has an intimate physical and emotional relationship with a person who is not his or her partner. Most people say you’re cheating on your spouse if you flirt with someone other than your boyfriend or girlfriend. But now, in the digital era, thanks to social media, there is a new type of affair that is more and more evident. It’s called digital infidelity. It's like emotional infidelity, except for the fact that it’s happening via social media. Apart from looking for potential mates through online dating sites and dating apps, more and more people are looking for love or affairs on Facebook. Did you know that remote infidelity by using Facebook can ruin your relationship?

Here are six ways that the social networking site Facebook is destroying your relationship:

1. Using Facebook excessively can result in conflict with your romantic partner

If someone is addicted to Facebook, he or she is more likely to get into conflict with his or her partner. It’s been reported that men and women who are in relationships but use Facebook excessively are inflicted with terrible outcomes like infidelity, breaking up, and even divorce.

2. Bragging on Facebook is doing you more harm than good

So, now you’re in a relationship and you want your friends and others to know that you aren’t lonely or single anymore. But, according to a new study, it’s been discovered that men and women who constantly brag about their significant others tend to be more insecure and less happy. Also, most people are annoyed by folks who consistently share updates and brag about their relationships.

3. Young relationships can be adversely affected by excessive Facebook usage

People who use Facebook a lot are highly likely to get into conflict with their spouses, especially if the couples are young.

4. Using Facebook excessively can increase jealousy

Excessive use of Facebook can spark jealousy in a relationship. There are many factors responsible for it. Facebook users can get jealous if they see more information on what their partners are doing. This can result in couples finding it difficult not to stalk their partners on Facebook, or create misunderstandings with their boyfriend or girlfriends.

5. Your selfies on Facebook are making your partner feel less appreciated and supported

If you happen to be someone who posts or shares too many photos of your friends and events than those you snap with your partner, he or she will feel less appreciated and supported. So, if you’re sharing more pictures of your friends than your girlfriend, it’s time to evaluate your actions.

6. There is a link between Facebook and breakups or divorce

If you want to be in a relationship or marriage that is happy and long-lasting, then stay away from social media sites. New research has found that men and women who use various social media sites, particularly Facebook, can be a predictor of a breakup or divorce. So, if you’re married or dating, it’s for the best that you limit your Facebook and other social media usage.

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