6 Ways to Get Your Ex Back

Better late than never. It’s not certainly too late to reignite the romance with your ex after you have broken up, but don’t rush and make any mediocre gestures. It’s a second chance for your relationship, and you have to do this right. You need to be more cautious and confident that ever before. Here are six tips on getting her back for a second chance.

1.</> Send a loving text: The absence of loved ones makes hearts grow fonder. But sometimes, it's why women will look for a man. Instead, of calling first, try sending a romantic text. Don’t send a text that looks inviting or sounds like a booty-call. Share something that brought you together as a couple in the first place. If she responds, then she may be available for a conversation.

2. Don’t rush. You already had a relationship with her, so slow down. Don’t take things too fast too quickly. Propose getting together, not living in together.

3. Consider calling her: Call her and invite her for a casual date. Don’t email or text about it. Tell her that you miss her. Let her hear your voice and be sincere and honest about your efforts. Ask her what’s she doing now, how is her work, how are friends and family are doing, or if her dog still pees on the carpet and so forth. You know her, she knows you, so keep the conversation light. Ask her to accompany you at an art gallery, go hiking with you, or watch a movie. It will give you the chance to reconnect with a relaxed environment, with too much pressure. Remind yourself that your date is just an invite; there is no surety that she will get back with you.

4. Take responsibility and apologize: If she wants to open and have a discussion about, step up a notch and your shortcomings in the relationship. If you’ve done a mistake or anything hurtful, take responsibility and apologize.

5. Don’t talk about the past: After acknowledging what went wrong the relationship, don’t look back to the past. Look forward and settle all the things you thought went wrong in the relationship. Focus on all the positive traits that brought you both together in the first place such as your awesome sense of humor or her laid-back attitude. Don’t talk about what you both did after the breakup. Have a discussion in a way that the relationship never even existed. You both went separate ways after the relationship ended and it's not a good idea to talk about all the things that happened during that time. She doesn’t want to know how many bad dates you had or how hard you tried to find a good date. I suppose you too aren’t interested to hear how many guys she dated, right?

6. Get your romantic groove on: We aren’t suggesting chivalrous acts are attractive, but they’re important nonetheless. Gestures like sending chocolates, cards, and flowers to her office will surely make her coworkers envious. We know they are clichés, they kind of work. Even better, explain the whole thing by writing an old-fashioned sweet, flirty love letter.

The bottom line is this advice isn’t for everyone. However, if you’re really positive about your ex-girlfriend, then these suggestions will help your seal the deal.

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