6 Ways to Gain More Control in Your Relationship

If you happen to be a high-level executive, business owner, or an accomplished professional in any field, you have to admit that it certainly requires a high level of control to achieve that level of success. How does an Type-A perfectionist with hyper-sensitive tendencies handle the turmoil of a relationship?

Whether you are highly successful, influential, or simply a perfectionist, here are some tips on how you can be in control of your relationship and handle various conflicts in the relationships smoothly:

1. Do a job that you love.

Folks who have hyper-sensitive tendencies require keeping their brains busy. So, find a job or build a career in the field you are passionate about which will keep you engaged. If you do this, you will have little time to obsess or nitpick about the little details of dating.

2. Get jealous, but keep it under control.

People will agree or disagree with this – but jealousy can play a major role in protecting a relationship, rather than creating terrible problems. However, keep in mind, moderation is the key. Whatever you do, everything should be done in moderation. For example, if you start blaming your girlfriend for making you jealous with her cat, you're getting too jealous.

3. Take long walks.

If you are expecting a call from your girlfriend but don’t know when she will call, go for a walk. Don't take your phone. It will lower your blood pressure, release endorphins, and will get more oxygen in your body. You will feel better, more relaxed, and you will forget when she will call you. If taking walks isn’t your thing, pick a sport you like and be engaged with it. You will get the same results.

4. Text, but with trust.

If you see a text pop up on your girlfriend’s phone, resist the urge to read it, even when she’s isn’t around. You need to take this seriously. If you want to have a healthy, long-term relationship, you both need to trust each other in the relationship. Trust in the relationship doesn’t build instantly; it takes time and commitment. You need your partner to express her loyalty to you, and let her do it in her way. Also, trust yourself. Don’t over analyze the last text that you sent her. If you feel compelled to do that, read a book or watch your favorite TV show on Netflix. Keep your phone away from you, and don’t check in constantly.

5. Make a plan to focus on.

If you find yourself in a situation that’s out of your control or keep thinking about all the guys hitting on her at her friend’s birthday bash, think about the details of your trip or a vacation you both will go next weekend. You can also make plans for a barbeque party with a group of friends, or a lovely dinner that you will cook for her.

6. Always be gentle with yourself.

We can’t always tell what the future holds for us, especially in our relationships. All we can do is to do our best, wait, and let it play out itself for the best. You can only control your actions, not others. You can give the most heartfelt and loveliest compliment to your girlfriend, but if she’s isn’t in the mood or she's having a bad day, she will react poorly to it. Regardless, whatever you do, make sure that your actions are based on pure intentions and come from a place of love.

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