6 Ways to Start a Healthy Relationship

Are you frustrated and tired of doing all things right in the relationship, yet still end up with moody and toxic partners, who are incapable of loving and connecting emotionally? If yes, then you need to make your happiness a priority and choose to love in a different manner.

Here are six things you can implement in your life to attract healthy love and repel toxic and wrong partners from your love life.

1. Healthy, evolved love doesn’t manifest naturally. It has to be learned. While growing up, our parents taught us how to give and receive love, a and what is deemed reasonable in love and relationships. Therefore, if you, unfortunately, had a violent childhood, or felt scared and insecure throughout your childhood, it’s highly likely that you’ll have partners with similar backgrounds and families in your romantic relationships.

2. If you keep on tolerating something in your relationship, and the same things occur repeatedly, you should ask yourself, is it okay to you that your spouse keeps on treating you badly? Relationships are all about providing both positive and negative energy to each other, which will bring either the best or the worst of us.

3. The happiest couples consist of two emotionally evolved and balanced individuals. They possess a high level of self-assurance, self-esteem, strong boundaries, integrity, trust, and a greater sense of purpose in their life.

4. Too much neediness, dependency, desperation and anxiety of loneliness or rejection can create vacuum and resentment in the relationship. You might attract a partner, and later change him or her to cater to your deep-seated needs and desires. But, by using therapy, you can heal yourself? You can’t change a person of who they are, but you can transform yourself.

5. If you want to have a healthy, long-lasting relationship, it’s essential that both individuals in the relationship use loving, caring and peaceful communication skills with each other. They should try how to turn negative feelings into positive messages to bring changes in the relationship. Each partner should share their feelings in a calmly and honestly without blaming or shaming each other. With a new and improved understanding of the other’s wants, needs, and desires, both people will consciously be aware and be careful of what they say or do to each other.

6. Partners need to best friends to each other, share common interests, and have fun enjoying shared activities together. They should learn from each other’s mistakes, pledge to leave their past behind, forgive each other, move on towards the future. Both partners feel confident, loved, and supported, when partners support each other’s goals and dreams.

An evolved relationship has trust, self-confidence, and confidence in their partners, Flexibility, patience, Friendship, respect, and kindness. In an evolved relationship partners have loyalty, trust, and integrity in each other. Partners share common interests and activities, have a sense of humor, open to compromises and forgive each other without blaming or arguing with each other. You can’t have a long-lasting relationship without showing affection and compassion for each other bonded with loving communication, spirituality, intimacy, mutual sexual desire and satisfaction. A loving, evolved relationship can bring tremendous change in your life, energy and your love life.

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