6 Ways You Can Be The Best Boyfriend Ever

Looking for a relationship? Want a perfect girlfriend? Don’t know how to be a stellar boyfriend? The reality is that no two relationships are the same. Every relationship is different. But, if you want to be the perfect boyfriend, you need to have certain qualities in you. There's plenty of advice and articles on how to be a better boyfriend or how to be better in a relationship, but we won’t delve into that. Instead, we asked some guys to tell us what traits they need to have that will make them into good boyfriends.

Below are some things you can do to be a good boyfriend:

1. Have patience

You need patience to be a “great” boyfriend. You will need the patience to learn something new and also teach your girlfriend new things. Overall, you need patience within yourself. Also, you should be mindful of the fact that you should not use past relationship experiences to base your existing relationships on. Instead, use those memories to grow and mature. Also, don’t compare your current girlfriend with your ex. Always remember that we all are different entities.

2. Show interest

Being conscious about your new partner is always helpful in dating. Ask your partner how she’s feeling, ask her about her interests, her hobbies, how her day was, etc. This will help you to initiate a communication between the two of you. Another important thing for you to do is to establish a constant, open, two-way communication.

3. Take note of the little things

Try listening to what your girlfriend is saying and then really remember a few things she said. It can be something she really wants, or it could be something that you can buy her that would make her life easier and happier. For example, ask her what her favorite flower or chocolate is, and then note it down. Now when it’s her birthday, Valentine’s Day, or she’s got a promotion at work, you know exactly what you need to buy her without fishing around.

4. Make her a priority

When it comes to a relationship, how to be a good boyfriend is something few men can understand. If you want to have a healthy relationship, you should make your girlfriend a priority. You should be willing to put your partner’s life ahead of yours. It’s not because you want to, it’s something you have to do.

5. Provide emotional security

If you want to be a real boyfriend, you should always be there for the woman you love. Listen to her when she is trying to tell you something, support her in what she does, make her believe that she’s more beautiful than everyone else, make her laugh and smile all the time, comfort her when she’s sad or doesn’t feel good, and don’t make her cry.

6. Give her tough love

If you want to be a great boyfriend to your girlfriend, then don’t be afraid to tell her when she upsets you. Don’t hesitate to give them tough love. You should be your partner’s best friend and biggest critic. A relationship can only be healthy and long-lasting if there is unconditional love between you, and both partners can take criticisms from another. Otherwise, the relationship won't work.

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