7 Basic Things You Should Be Getting in Your Relationship

When it comes to relationships, sometimes it’s difficult to know what you can expect from your partner. You find yourself asking questions like, “Should she reply to every text as soon as possible? Should I make her spend time with me every weekend? Will she mind if I split the bill 50/50 every time we dine out?” Before you look for answers to any of these questions, some of them are very specific; you need to establish the basics first. The basics are the things you should actually ask with confidence from every relationship. If you don’t receive these “basics” in your relationship, despite all of your efforts, it’s time you leave the relationship and look for a new one where you will get those “basics.”

So, what are they? Below are seven such “basics” of a healthy relationship:

1. Affection

Couples express their affection for each other either in words, behavior, or both. But, in romantic relationships, physical affection such as kissing, hugging, massages, back or foot rubs, or holding hands are particularly important. If your significant other truly loves you, she will express her love and affection for you in those ways.

2. Compassion

Your partner should be with you when you are in distress. She should be tender, loving and caring towards you if you are in pain or worried. Your girlfriend doesn't need to feel the same way you do. You only need to understand that she feels bad for you when something bad happens to you.

3. Respect

A good partner is respectful to your personality, individuality, and of your boundaries. At times, you might see that she might disagree with you. But, that doesn’t mean that you both call each other bad names or ridicule. That’s not what respectful partners do. A respectful spouse acknowledges and admires your strengths. She shows empathy towards your weaknesses and doesn't violate your boundaries.

4. Interest

You can’t have an intimate relationship with your partner unless she has a greater interest in you than the other person. She should at least have some interest in some of your opinions, thoughts, feelings, activities, etc.

5. Consideration

A considerate girlfriend will think about how her behavior affects you. She won’t be desperate or needy. She won’t ask you to do everything for her. She also doesn’t want you to give her everything she desires or wants.

6. Time

You can’t have a healthy relationship without spending time with your partner. All relationships are based on sharing some time together. Sometimes, because of other responsibilities such as work, it’s okay if your partner can’t spend time with you. But, if she rarely or never has time for you or consistently gives excuses for not being with you, it’s time you rethink your relationship.

7. Intimacy

In relationships, most people associate intimacy with sex. But, intimacy is different than sex. In fact, intimacy is more than sex. Intimacy in a committed relationship means that you are allowing yourself to be truly known by your partner and you are expressing a genuine interest in knowing your partner. You can’t have true intimacy in a relationship if you and your partner aren’t familiar with each other's emotional and vulnerable selves.

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