7 Biggest Complaints Women Have About Men

Women adore men. It’s just that certain behaviors actually make them insane. Some of these are so bad that if you don’t do anything about them, you’ll have a hard time landing a date! Anyways, here are some of the major complaints women have about the men they love.

1. Doesn’t Dress or Act Like A MAN
We all have to grow up at some point. So, ditch your cartoon t-shirts, please! Women absolutely hate it when they’ve to remind their boyfriends to dress and act like a mature man. There are a time and place to have fun and act like a teenager, but refusing to take responsibility and grow up can be a deal breaker for most women who are looking for a mature to be in a committed relationship.

2. Mr. Angry
A man with this trait is a difficult type to deal with when it comes to relationships. Women feel very fragile like eggshells when they’re with a guy who seems to be always angry at the world. So, guys, cool yourself down, if you don’t want your girlfriend to run away from you.

3. Mr. Possessive
Similar to angry guys, it’s also hard to date someone who treats their women like possessions. Women want men to be a part of their lives, not their possessions. Don’t check up on your girlfriend constantly, grill her if she has any friends of the opposite sex, or does she keep any contact with her exes. Also, stop telling her what she can and can’t do.

4. Everything Is About You
Women want their partners to pay attention to things they like, and take an interest in their lives and themselves. They don’t want to be with guys who are overly self-obsessed and doesn’t show any interests to their partners’ needs or wants. If you desire to have a successful relationship, then both partners should be caring and watchful of each other’s needs.

5. It’s All Talk, No Action
Women have a big problem with men whose words aren’t followed by actions. Some men say they’re going to something, but in the end, they don’t follow through. One simple would be that if a man promised his girlfriend that he would call her or take her on a dinner date, but in the end, he does none of it. Guys, be open and honest about who you are and where you are in life. If you get that right, your women will love and respect your more than ever.

6. Too Much, Too Fast
Another big complaint ladies have against men is that they rush into things too soon in the relationship. We are talking about those guys who in their second or third date start having a conversation regarding marriage, kids, family, etc. Some women may find this very invasive of their personal space. These sensitive topics can only be discussed when both parties are in an exclusive and committed relationship.

7. You’re Not Fully Honest About What You Want
This is by far one of the biggest complaints we see from women about guys. We see men tell a woman that they ready to pursue her, commit to her, but later when things start to get serious, they freak out, or in some case disappear. If men could be genuine with themselves, their partners, and what they want from the relationship, women would appreciate them more.

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