7 Different Types Of Kisses You Need To Try When You’re In A Relationship

Just like sex, kissing is a very important when you’re in a serious relationship. Kissing is a romantic signal that shows you love your partner, but it also indicates that you care about your significant other. You might already know that there are various types of kisses and people also have their own personal opinions about it. For example, there are some kissing styles that individuals and there are some which people despise. So, if you're looking to master the art of kissing, you need to know and learn about different kissing techniques that you can apply while dating.

Here are some different ways how to kiss your girlfriend:

  1. The Across-The-Room Kiss

This is the kind of kiss that you gesture to your partner while in the crowd or a public place. Simply pucker your lips and make a kissing gesture to your lover. This will signal to your partner that you love her and it will make her assume that you’re thinking about her.

  1. The Aggressive Kiss

This kissing type is the one you can give to your spouse when she learns for a pack on your cheeks or neck, while you’re in the mood for a deep kiss.

  1. The Biting Kiss

If you’re looking for a kiss that ends with a playful bite, then this is the kiss you should try. This happens mostly after your partner has offered you a long sensual kiss that you want to end with a soft bite on your partner's lip. Guys do like this biting kissing style because it stimulates them.

  1. The European Kiss

This type of kiss is popular in Europe. This is used to say hello or goodbye in that continent where people kiss each other on the cheeks. In this kiss, a person’s lips almost touch the other person's skin closer to his or her cheeks.

  1. The Crush Kiss

If you want to offer this kiss to your girlfriend, just hold her tight before you open your mouth. With your mouth open, kiss her, but remember not to let your tongue inside her mouth to make her want it more. After a few moments, you’ll realize that both of you’re feeling each other.

  1. The Curious Kiss

This is kind of kiss you give to each other just to find out whether you still have feelings for each other, especially after a date. Start off by keeping your mouth closed while making body contact. Before you open your mouth, let go of it quickly as they kiss isn’t meant to last for long. This kind of kiss will open the door to kissing your girlfriend with more intimacy and passion in the future.

  1. The French Kiss

This kissing technique is by far one of the most common when a couple is in a committed and long-term relationship. French kissing involves kissing with your tongue. If you want this kiss to be perfect and enjoyable to both partners, you need to look out for her body movements and make sure you and your girlfriend have enough room to breathe freely through the nose.

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