7 Flirting Techniques You Should NEVER Use!

Flirting is the first step to land a date. But unless you how to flirt gracefully, most people will assume that bad flirting moves are a byproduct of a crappy dating scene. Or, it can be that people simply don’t know how to social anymore. If you’re currently single, and despite being on too many dates failed to land a girlfriend, then it’s time for you to hone up your flirting skills and discard the ones that are bad.

Here are six bad flirting techniques that you should never use:

1. You always whine that you're alone
This will never work, period. If you do this, your date will assume that you’re basically begging them to date you. What’s worse, they’ll tell you that you’re desperate, not to mention pathetic. Begging will take away your dignity and respect, and even someone pities you by accepting to go on a date with you, nothing will ever come of it. The outcome will be similar if you try to convince someone to date you.

2. You tell how others want to date you
Okay, this is very familiar with narcissists and people with low self-esteem. These are the kind of people you should never date let alone sleep with because they often come with strings attached and consequences.

3. You date or befriend someone only having sex with them
Some guys will befriend girls not to date them, but for the sole reason to sleep with them. This is hurtful, and I mean it really hurtful. If you continue with this, not only will you lose a lot of good friends, you’ll also have a reputation for being a creep. Not good at all. This also applies to guys who attend various professional meetings and events such as sports writers meetings etc., in hopes of getting laid.

4. You bully a girl to date you
If you think it's acceptable to bully someone to be your girlfriend or go on a date with you, then you should stop dating altogether or rethink what it takes to be in a romantic relationship. A person who is bullied into a relationship will never love their bully.

5. You think spending money on a girl will make her date you
Yes, you bought a girl a drink or gave her something nice. This doesn’t mean she is obligated to give you something in return. If you think that's how dating works, then we can safely tell that maybe you don’t understand what dating is. Dating should be all about building a connection with a woman, not buying her stuff or giving presents in exchange for sex or a relationship or both.

6. You attempt to buy a date
This is all too common with guys who are really desperate for a date or relationship. The only attractive thing about these men is that some of them make more money than us. But buying dates doesn’t work. Best case scenarios, you’ll have a gold digger girlfriend who will leave if you stop paying them. People who date you for money will only love you for your money; they’ll never love YOU.

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