7 Great Tips to Make Him Pay Attention To You

We, women, know how difficult it is to get our boyfriends to understand us. Whenever we talk to them, we get that stare, and they look to us like we just spoke a foreign language. Either they will do that, or they won’t hear you out, or they will say something totally out of line that will make you upset. This is when arguments begin, which eventually ruins your whole day or night.

Therefore, for the sake of improving your relationship, check out these tips to get your man understands you.

Don’t talk when he’s busy or doing something. Don’t have a conversation with him when he’s watching TV, playing video games, fixing his car, or doing some other extra-curricular activity. If you continue with it, not only will you be wasting your words, he’ll not listen and get annoyed.

Don’t interrupt him. When your man is doing something, don’t ask him to stop whatever he’s doing to listen to you. All he will do is wait until you’re done and will get back what he was doing earlier. This means that he hardly paid any real attention to you.

Don’t shout or yell at him. Don’t think of screaming or yelling at him to get your boyfriend’s attention, and then talk to him. If you do this all, he will think that you’re only complaining about something that he’s done or didn’t do, and he will most likely tune you out. Once you get out of the picture, you’re out for good.

Approach him with a lovely smile. When you’re having a conversation with your partner, do it in a manner that he will like. So, when you talk to him, put a lovely smile on his face, and place your hand on his. Sit on the couch and remind him that you miss him, and you want to spend some alone time with him and talk to him for a while.

While talking ask him whether he understands you. As you’re talking, if you see he’s wandering off or plainly staring at you, then stop and ask him whether he’s following you or understands what you’re telling him. If he says he can’t, then stop, and go back, and explain it all over again. Remember, he is a guy after all, and he and friends don’t have conversations like you do with other women.

Reassure him to ask questions. When your boyfriend doesn’t understand something, ask him, which part of the conversation that you didn’t understand. Tell him that you want to be sure that he pays attention and understands what you are talking about because you really value his opinions. He will be appreciative of you that your care a lot about what he thinks.

Tell your man what you want to hear. When you’re dating someone new, or in a relationship, sometimes guys don’t understand what exactly you want to hear from them that will make you feel good. They want their girlfriends to tell what have to be told. It is fine, and many men want you to say them, and you should tell them, as they really don’t know. For example, if he tells you that you look really sexy in that red dress, correct him by saying that it would have been nice if he said that you looked gorgeous in that dress.

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