7 Important Questions Need To Ask Your Girlfriend When The Relationship Gets Stagnant

In this digital age, most of us especially those who are in relationships, think that they’re more connected than ever. But it’s the contrary. These days we are less connected than ever, and it’s because people are holding themselves back and expressing their thoughts and feelings into status-worthy updates. If you want to be in a healthy and happy relationship, you need to have a meaningful connection, which is only possible when you’re truly connected. Couples need to be connected as we are always changing.

Below are seven questions that will help to understand your girlfriend's world better and stay connected with her on a deeper level:

1. What has been the biggest blessing in disguise in your life?
We’ve all witnessed it. We never wondered that something like this would occur. But sometimes the hardest challenges in our lives often lead to something better. So, share your story with your partner and also listen to theirs.

2. What is the first thing you would do if you woke up tomorrow with no fear?
Treat this as a fun question to discover what your girlfriend wants to do in life and aspire to be in the future. Also, don’t forget to show your support for her hopes and dreams. You can also find out what are the reasons your partner procrastinate on while doing something. This will help you to know her fears and connect with her on a different level.

3. Do you like spending time with other people? Does it energizes or drains you?
This question will help you find out whether your significant other is an introvert or an extrovert. Everybody is different. However, be careful when making assumptions. Many people assume that extroverts are fun, exciting and outgoing, while introverts are shy and don't enjoy the company of other people.

4. How would you describe a perfect day for you?
It necessarily doesn't have to be a special day, but finding the answer to this question will help you know how your partner wants to spend or enjoy her time and how this relates to how you spend your time.

5. When making decisions do you follow your head or your heart?
This question will reveal whether your girlfriend is a feeler or a thinker. Most men and women usually have their own way while important decisions, especially where it comes to relationships. But, remember, to let your partner slip away when she says she needs both.

6. When was the last time your cried?
We all cry when we are happy or sad. Even the most insensitive or strongest people go soft at times. Try to get an open, honest answer from your partner, but ensure she feels safe and secure enough to share something that is very personal like this with you.

7. How do prefer to end a long day?
Finding an honest answer to this question will help you to learn more about your spouse. Also, you can use her answer to surprise or do something exciting and unexpected with them in the future.

The bottom line is while looking for love or if you’re already dating someone, these questions are great to know more about your partner. Start talking about these issues and spend time getting to know each other every week.

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