7 Most Common Dating Questions People Ask

Despite the individual differences among millions of men and women looking for a relationship or currently dating, they all have the same basic questions about dating. Let’s take a look at some of these dating questions and hopefully the answers will be helpful:

1. Will I ever find someone?

Yes, you will find someone as long as you stay motivated and continue going on dates. Dating isn’t complicated; it’s all about numbers. Most people need to go on many dates and meet lots of different people before they can find someone compatible. Many men and women can’t find partners because they give up way too soon. So keep dating, and you will find someone.

2. Do people think I am not attractive enough? Am I too short or too fat, etc.?

Some men and women fantasize about dating a supermodel, a scientist, or a millionaire, despite the fact that they know they will end up with someone similar to them. It doesn’t matter what kind of insecurities or shortcomings you have; you would be perfectly happy dating someone who is overweight, short, not wealthy, and so on. You have to understand that there are other factors that lead to a healthy, happy relationship such as personality, honesty, sexual compatibility, etc. Now, if you have a personality that turns off people you meet or date, it’s time that you work on yourself and think of how you can be a better person to others.

3. My relationships don’t last very long. Why?

A person who can’t make his relationships last long is guilty of either two things: One, he/she chooses to date the wrong people. Two, he/she is dating, but they have an emotional conflict deep down about settling down for good.

4. All of my friends are married, but I am still single. Why?

If that’s your situation, it’s likely that you are too picky, you date inappropriate partners, or you are nervous about committing to one person for the rest of your life.

5. I get bored easily. I doubt I can remain interested in one person for the rest of my life. Can anyone help me?

Men and women who get bored easily in dating usually need attention and stimulation more than others. These people need to develop more realistic expectations about dating and relationships and become mature emotionally. When that happens, they will probably find someone they really like, just like most men and women, and feel good dating that person for a long time.

6. I feel like people don’t find me sexy. Does this mean that it will be harder for me to find a date?

There is no person in this world that everyone will find sexy. Expand your views of what defines sexiness and don’t believe what the magazines tell you. Just ask some of your friends which male or female celebrities they find sexy. Don’t be surprised if they come up with different people! The reason? Everyone has a different type!

7. I am afraid of being cheated on again. Will it haunt me forever?

There are always emotional risks in dating and relationships, but protect yourself emotionally by dating someone whose personality traits are different than the partner who was unfaithful to you. Remember, you are much wiser than before. You were cheated on before and it didn’t break you.

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