7 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Won’t Commit

So, you’ve the man of your dreams, but you see that he isn’t quite ready to your ‘better half’. Your boyfriend refuses to be committed in the relationship. Why is that you’re already to settle down, but he isn’t.

Here are seven probable reasons:

1. He’s Still Not Over His Ex or Relationship
Even if tells you, your boyfriend is over his ex or his past relationships. He might think that he dating someone else means that he’s fully over his ex, but when it comes to expressing intimacy and establishing a connection he clearly realizes that he isn’t ready for a new relationship.

2. He Had a Bad Experience with his Ex
If your boyfriend just came out from a bad relationship or break up, it’s highly likely that he isn’t ready to be in new one right away. How fast he can get over and move on from all the bad scars from his previous relationship depends on how badly his relationship ended. It’s clear to see that it might some time before he has full confidence in you and make himself believe that you won’t hurt him like his ex.

3. There’s Someone Else
Sometimes, if your boyfriend doesn’t seem much dedicated or committed to you, it might be that he has found someone else who is better than you. This happens mostly to couples who haven’t declared their relationship ‘exclusive’, which gives them the opportunity to date multiple people at the same time.

4. He’s Fully Happy with His Life
Some guys don’t want a girlfriend or a romantic relationship to be happy. True, relationships have some benefits like physical intimacy and companionship, but if a man finds more happiness amongst his friends, hobbies, career, or even with himself, it pretty obvious he would be less inclined to spend his time and energy on a woman to be happy.

5. Money Might Be An Issue
Money is a big issue in any relationships, and can make or break a relationship. If a guy has problems with his finance it can stop a man from committing to a relationship. Maybe he is focusing on developing his career, making more money earning a decent wage, or paying his mortgage or debts. He thinks that having a relationship in this situation will make things worse. Or perhaps, he has seen firsthand, how a failed marriage can ruin a man’s financial future, and he’s reluctant to take that risk.

6. He’s Feels Pushed and Forced to Be a Partner
Both men and women lose their interests with their dates or partners if they sense that they’re pressured into being in a relationship. This makes them run away. Being in a committed, exclusive relationship is a big responsibility. We are talking about the future of the relationship here such as marriage, kids, etc. Some men and women aren’t physically, mentally or emotionally ready to take this huge responsibility. And no one likes to forced or pressured into making this decision.

7. He’s Gets Bored Easily
Some men are addicted to the thrill of falling in love, the flirting and getting physically intimate or having sex with her that’s associated with being in relationship. They entice you to fall in love with them, they tell you all about themselves, be emotionally and physically intimate with them, and they have passed this stage, the thrill and excitement wears off. They get bored and start preparing to fall in love with someone else.

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