7 Reasons Why Guys Dump Their Girlfriends

Let’s face it; breakups are extremely painful and difficult to cope. But, sometimes, breakups become inevitable. While every breakup happens differently, most men end their relationships with their girlfriends for the same reasons.

Though, there might be some exceptions, here is a list of some of the common reasons why guys dump their girlfriends:

  1. Women who won't listen

When a man says something, he wants his partner to hear to him. Sometimes, women don’t like to pay attention when their boyfriends speak because guys will end up talking about something or someone though he doesn't know about. Sure, men aren’t always right, but they do have their own views and opinions, and sometimes they can get really angry and frustrated when they notice that like their opinion doesn't matter. No one wants to be with a woman who does that.

  1. Women who listen to their friends a little too much

Female friendship is important; we understand that. Most guys are okay with the girls' night out deal. But, things will get messy when the ladies start letting their single girlfriends get involved in the relationships and start giving out relationships advice. It’s asking for trouble, plain and straightforward. Guys, have no problems when you to talk to your girlfriends, even if it's about the relationship. But, just be careful what you talk about in those conversations.

  1. Women who think the relationship is a family affair

Talking about your relationship to each other's families is fine. Most guys want their partners to be close to their families. After all, it’s a relationship, not a kidnapping. However, men want their girlfriends to be mature enough not share everything that happens between them. If you’re a woman reading this, it’s better for you and your relationship not to tell your mother and your sisters about every single argument and disagreement that you had with your man.

  1. Women who don’t like her partner’s friends

A man knows his friends. He knows very well who will try to hit on his girlfriends. So, a man gets annoyed when his girlfriend always reminds him of that. If she keeps on making negative comments about his buddies, he’ll assume that his girlfriend is feeling insecure and can be trusted. Women aren’t needed to like her boyfriend’s friends; she’s just required to get along with them and not get influenced by them.

  1. Women who are too dependent

A man gets turned off by women who are too dependent on their partners for everything and who can’t handle her business. A good man wants a woman, who is mature enough to take care of her own affairs and can make her own decisions.

  1. Women who don’t have anything nice to say

Guys don’t like to have romantic relationships with the ladies who always criticize or don’t appreciate all the good things they’ve done in the relationship. A relationship that lacks positive reinforcement from each partner is bound to fail in the future.

  1. The relationship feels like prison sentence

A romantic relationship is expected to be more than just love, commitment, and trust between the two partners. If a guy feels that he's not being trusted, he’ll lose interest in the relationship and will distance himself from his girlfriend. A man wants a loving and trustful relationship, not a prison sentence, where he has to be interrogated by his spouse every day.

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