7 Reasons Why Men Fall Out of Love

Your man has lost his love. He’s no longer in love with you. It happens. Sometimes a man wakes up and finds that the loving feeling he had towards his partner is gone. So, you’re a devastated and keep wondering how did it come to that? Well, here are seven reasons a man can lose his love for you:

1. He feels that you’re no longer close to him. Men love loyal women. He wants to be fully assured that things are bad and life is hard; you got his back. If he stayed far from you and lost that loving feeling, it may be that he thinks that during the critical times you didn’t act like a loyal partner to him.

2. He finds you incompatible. If you want to have a long-lasting relationship, compatibility matters. You need to do things that you both love, have similar interests, topics to talk about, etc. But, sometimes things can be different in reality. Maybe you’re a spender, while she’s a saver. She’s passionate about religious, while you give little importance to it. All of these differences can pile up and become so overwhelming that one partner will eventually quit the relationship.

3. You’re high maintenance material. It’s a turn off for most men when they find their partners are high maintenance women. They think they have to work hard to make their women happy. And if you believe that your demanding ways won’t make a dent in your relationship, think again. Trying too hard to be appreciated by a partner will force men to lose love for the other person.

4. He doesn’t feel admired. We often hear women stop loving their man when he stops respecting and cherishing them. Well, the same rule applies to men too. A man who realizes that he can’t get your admiration or feel less appreciated by his partner will gradually start losing his interest in the relationship.

5. It’s all serious talk with you with no room for fun. When you’re married and in a relationship, you start sharing various daily duties like chores, money, kids, etc., and your interactions with your partner have been reduced to a routine. Every time you two have a conversation, it’s only about big, serious, important things. There is little room for both of you to relax and just enjoy each other’s company. In this situation, it’s hard to be passionately in love with someone. Therefore, try to have some fun and flirty conversations to keep the romance alive.

6. You’re more of a mom and less of a lover to him. From an early age, men are taught what kinds of behaviors are mom-like, and which behaviors are lover-like, i.e. sexual. If your man thinks that your overly caring and loving behavior resembles his mom, he will naturally be less attracted to you. In this case, it’s his problem, and can be best handled by a therapist.

7. Your relationship was less love, more infatuation. If you’re in a relationship only to satisfy your sexual needs of each other, instead of having an emotional connection with your partner, then you’ve started your relationship with the wrong foot. It’s the emotional connection, not sexual that will keep you interested and committed in a romantic relationship. And the lack of it is just mere infatuation, which wears off after a while, people just tend to lose interest and get distant.

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