7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Friends With Your Ex After Breakup

Breakups are never easy. They make us feel depressed, angry, insecure and resentful to out former partners. Some men and women suggest that being friends with your ex after the end of the relationships will ease the pain. Then some folks tell newly single men and women to get involved in a new relationship immediately after a breakup to get over the heartbreak.

Whether it’s effective or not, that’s a whole new thing to discuss, but right now, we are asking is should you be friends with your ex? Here are seven reasons why it’s a never a good idea to be buddies with your ex:

1. Hanging out with your ex can be compared to mental torture. He does something or says funny that makes you smile or laugh. You’re missing him or her, so you badly want to kiss or hug them, but you can’t. Why let yourself go through all that mental torture?

2. If you hope that being friends with your ex will help you reconcile? Well, that’s false hope, and it’s not going to happen. And even if it happens, the relationship won’t last.

3. Changing your past is impossible. You’ve been a couple, and have been physically intimate with each other. You’ve seen each other naked. Well, friends don’t do that, and the opposite sex has never seen each other naked. Besides, it also gets awkward for his or her friends. They all know you both dated each other. They saw your public display of affection or ‘PDA.' So, they find it confusing that you and your ex are hanging out and going to parties, not as a couple but friends.

4. You want to go to his or her wedding? No! Then you can’t be friends with your ex. Real friends don’t do that.

5. You want to be friends with your ex, but you don’t want him or her to date again. It appears that there is a conflict of interest between the two of you, and you’re getting too much involved in your friend’s love life. That’s not okay. Real friends want each other be happy.

6. You’ve no interest in sharing your personal life with your ex. If you share it, you feel uneasy. That’s not what real friends do. They talk and share their personal lives with each other.

7. You being friends with your ex is unhealthy. You’re heartbroken. You feel depressed and frustrated. So, why not utilize your time and effort into something that’s more productive that will make you happy? Why are spending your time with someone who hurt you, and inflicted a lot of pain in your heart? It’s even worse to sulk over your ex and your past relationship if you broke up because your ex cheated or has been physically and mentally abusive to you.

Get over your ex and move on. Find someone new whose character, values, opinions, and interests are compatible with you. Being friends with your ex isn’t only a huge drain on your time and energy, the outcome isn’t optimistic at all. So, get yourself out there in the dating scene and find someone.

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