7 Signs To Make You Believe That She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

If you’re dating someone you like, sometimes it's hard to find if the woman you’re dating is sending you the right signals. Signals about whether she wants to date you or not, or she is just friendly. But, if you pay attention to these cues, it will be easy for you to find out what she wants.

Here are some interesting signs which will let you know if she wants to be your girlfriend.

1. She Laughs At Everything You Tell Her
Even if you tell her a stupid or pathetic joke, she will still like it and may find it funny. She will laugh or smile at it like this is the first time she hears the joke. This is the good sign that she wants to be your girlfriend.

2. She Always Wanted To Take Of Photos With You
If the woman you’re seeing asks you every 10-15 minutes to take photos of you two together, it’s obvious that she likes you. If you see her taking non-stop selfies with you, to show you to her friends and coworkers, then stop everything you’re doing, and go on a date.

3. She Agrees Doing Everything You Wanted To Do
If she agrees on everything you say or suggest doing, it sends a clear message that she’s interested in you. When your woman wants to do anything or everything with you, even she doesn’t know you well; it’s safe to tell that she likes to spend time with or to be with you.

4. She Doesn't Talk Of Other Guys When You Are Present
If a woman is interested in you, you may see that she never mentions any other man when you’re around her or she’s having a conversation with you. She does this to ensure you that she doesn’t have any boyfriends, or is interested in other men. She'll constantly mention your name every time she talks to you, and will you more importance than any other person around. Now, that's a good sign. Go and date her, dude!

5. She Includes You In Her Future
Did she tell you she wants to do things with you together, plan fun weekends, or going on a long trip with you? It's obvious that she wants you to ask her out, and she already planned something to do with you in the next couple of weeks or months. It means that she sees you in all of her long-term goals and plans, Congratulations, you have a girlfriend!

6. Her Friends Get Psyched When Meet Them
Have you noticed one thing when you meet her friends? If yes, then you might notice that every time your girl’s friends sees you, they get all excited and want to know you more about you. It’s because she may have told about you to her friends while talking with them. It’s a shout out that means that even her friends want you to ask her out.

7. She genuinely cares about you
A good girlfriend will truly care for you, appreciate you, and helpful to you whenever she can. She will ask about your day, your work, and do everything to make you happy, even if she has no mood for it. If the woman you’re dating does the same, then there is no doubt that she's the ideal girl for you to be in a committed relationship, and who wants to care for you.

So, if you’re looking for a girlfriend, but still confused whether the woman wants you to be her boyfriend, now you know how you can figure it out!

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