7 Signs That Your Man Is In Love with You

Love is a beautiful thing. Your man loves you or loves you not. If you think that your new boyfriend has fallen in love with you, then look out for these seven signs that show he surely has:

1. He treats you with respect. When a man falls in love with a woman, he begins to respect her. He cares for her, every detail of it. He treats her right and values her views, opinions, accomplishments, characters and so on. He listens to her every detail and tries his best to accommodate your wacky habits. For example, if you like pasta, he will always try to cook pasta for you, when you visit him.

2. He always thinks about you. If your boyfriend loves you, he will send you texts all throughout the day. It may include songs, signs, hilarious jokes or headlines, and anything that will remind him of you. He will ask you, which ice cream is better, in case the next time he wants to take you to an ice cream parlor for a date. In short, he will be invested in the relationship.

3. He becomes compromising. Love can do wonders to a man. It can soften his heart and changes him. Being selfless is a big indicator that he’s in love. He would be accommodating to your preferences and views, given the fact he was typically stubborn about these topics if this was the other person. He will go to watch a movie with you; even he does want to see it. His heart has taken the lead instead of his head.

4. He displays affection to you in public. Usually, when it comes showing love to their girlfriends, guys have no qualms in private. But, some guys are a little hesitant when it comes to the public display of affection to their girlfriends. However, if a man loves you, he will hold hands with you; put his arms around you, cuddling and hugging you, in public. He does it to happily and proudly show to the world that you two are together and he's protective of you.

5. He wants to take care of you. When a man truly loves a woman, he deeply cares for her. He will always try to make you happy and makes things better. He wants to provide you physically, mentally and emotionally. He will put all kinds of effort to comfort you and to reassure you that he truly mean, “I love you”, both in words and action.

6. When a man loves you, he also wants you to love his family. He’s ready to introduce his dearest family member to you, and he’s also every eager to meet your family and friends as well. He doesn’t have any intentions to be somewhere else. He’s proud and happy that he’s with you, and he wants to his family to love you, too.

7. He’s not afraid to apologize or fight. To test the strength of the relationship, sometimes it’s important to have a fight or two between two people. If your guy loves you, he won’t be afraid of conflicts or being sorry. Instead, if there’s a problem in the relationship, he will argue with you fairly, and then listen to your opinions, and when he sees you being sad, he will apologize and do all things to resolve the conflict. Love means ditching your pride, admitting that you make a mistake and not be afraid of saying sorry.

So these are the signs that show that a man is in love with you. Besides, if your man loves you, he won’t be thinking about himself anymore. You have become a part of his life and his future. So, when a man truly loves you and says you, he loves you—believe it. A man who is love can’t keep it inside of him for too long.

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