7 Signs That He Is Not Interested In You

Sometimes the old clichés are true and it hurts to know the truth. But, knowing the truth also sets you free. We all have been in situations where, despite doing everything by the book, our partners don’t have the same feelings towards us. Here are a few signs that show that he’s not interested in you:

1. He says he’s not ready for a relationship.

Pay heed to his lines. If he says that he’s not into relationships, it means that he doesn’t believe in marriage. He’s just looking for fun, that’s it. He’s not interested in you and won’t be committed to you. So, cut him loose and find someone who’s looking for a relationship and values it.

2. He asks you to date other guys.

If your partner encourages you to see other guys, it’s not because he wants you to enrich your dating experiences by dating multiple people at the same time. In fact, he’s telling you that he’s not interested in having you all to himself. In other words, he doesn’t want to have an exclusive relationship with you. If this thought makes you uncomfortable, you should start dating someone else who wants an exclusive relationship.

3. He won’t hold hands or show PDA with you.

He hugs and kisses you privately. He won’t hold hands or put his hand over your shoulder or waist in public. It feels like he is not comfortable or feels ashamed to be with you in public. You want to be with someone who should feel happy, comfortable and proud to date you.

4. He won’t make plans in advance.

We aren’t saying that your new boyfriend should plan a getaway six months in the future, but if he feels hesitant to go for dinner next weekend or to a close friend’s birthday party, then you have a problem. It clearly shows that you aren’t his priority and he’s not invested in the relationship. If he were serious about you, none of these would be an issue.

5. He tries to not introduce you to his friends and family.

If he skips meeting your family on the weekend and makes all kinds of excuses to make you stay away from meeting his family or friends when you ask for it, this clearly indicates that he’s not thrilled with you being around him or his family and friends. A guy who is crazy about you can hardly wait to introduce you to his family and friends.

6. He forgets the important stuff and talks about the same things again and again.

Some men are forgetful. Some guys are so not interested in the relationship that they won’t make an effort to remember any important details. Instead, he will tell you the same stories and jokes over and over again and always be disconnected when you’re having a conversation with him. Does he remember your birthday? Can he recall what your favorite food or flower is? If he can't, we can safely say he’s not into you.

7. He delays returning your calls or text messages.

If you call him and text him and he doesn’t respond quickly, it’s time you evaluate your relationship with your new boyfriend. We understand that sometimes he can’t answer or respond to your calls and texts because he’s busy with work or doing something else, but if there has been delays more than 24 hours, then it’s clear you aren’t very important to him. It’s time you leave and get yourself someone new. To get a clear idea how a guy should react when he is interested in you, read this article.

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