7 Signs That Your Partner Is Growing Distant

Do you ever feel like something is just “off” in your relationship? Many people find themselves feeling this way when their relationship is on the rocks and their partner is pulling away from them. Before you know it, the relationship could be totally over and you'll be left wondering what happened. It helps to recognize the signs before things really go downhill and your relationship ends. Check out these seven signs that your partner is growing distant from you…before it's too late:

1. You're the Last Person They Share Things With

Were you the last person to find out your partner got a promotion? Are you out of the loop about their family drama? If your partner has stopped telling you about whatever is going on in their life, consider it a major red flag. This means the emotional connection between the two of you is fading and your partner feels more comfortable sharing things with their friends than with you.

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2. They Never Talk About the Future Anymore

Did the two of you always talk about your future together but now you've noticed your partner ignoring the future altogether? If your partner avoids conversations about your future together, it could be that they no longer want one. By not discussing a future with you, they can begin to imagine one that does not have you in it.

3. They're Spending More Time With Friends

Is your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse spending all of their free time with friends? It's totally normal for your partner to hang out with their friends, but if they are prioritizing that over spending time with you, it means they no longer care to have quality time together.

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4. Your Sex Life Is On the Decline

Can you even remember the last time you had sex? If your partner is showing no interest in sex, it could be that they are becoming emotionally and physically detached from you. With that said, sexual ruts are normal in long term relationships and can be due to a number of things.

5. They Don't Make Eye Contact With You

Does your partner look elsewhere when talking to you? It may seem trivial, but a lack of eye contact can be correlated with a lack of emotional connection. If they're not looking into your eyes, they're distancing themselves from you.

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6. You Feel Alone Even When You're Together

Do you still feel lonely even when your partner is around? Being with your partner should make you feel happy and fulfilled. If you find yourself feeling empty and lonely even in their presence, it could be because the two of you have grown apart.

7. They Find Any Reason To Argue

Is your partner getting angry with you for the smallest things? When someone instigates an argument over something minimal, it is usually because they are looking to drive a wedge between themselves and the other person. Your partner may be purposefully pushing you away from them at this point.


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