7 Things Your Girlfriend Or Wife Always Want To Say, But Can’t

Women are always thinking; it is in their nature. Women are always thinking and they can’t help it. Your girlfriend or wife is thinking about so many things and wants to tell you so many things, but she doesn’t because she loves and cares about you and doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. Well, all that’s about to change and a lot of men might be surprised of what women really think about them.

Here are seven things women wished they could say to you without sugar coating it:

1. “You need new clothes.”
There are a lot of guys who are smart, accomplished, handsome and have their life together. But, they don’t dress like successful guys, and sometimes it can irk some ladies. Women want their boyfriends to dress in a way that will tell others how amazing they are. You don’t always have to wear an Armani suit, but it will make your girlfriend happy if you tried to be a little more fashionable.

2. “You are messy.”
We aren’t perfect. We all have flaws. Women don’t want you to be a neat freak. They don’t expect your room or house to be well-organized all the time, nor does she want to see your fridge or kitchen spotless. Because that would be weird and impossible to keep doing it. All she wants is the bare minimum. If you just do the basics and that would be fine for her. For example, keep your toilet clean, and don’t leave the toilet seat up. Plus, they also want you to be a bit neat and tidy.

3. “I want romance.”
Women want romance, period. Women love being pursued and wooed by guys. They adore the gestures, big or small, their partners’ do that makes them feel loved and special. So, schedule a date night, bring them flowers once a while, or bring them chocolate. Your girlfriend will appreciate and love you more for it.

4. “I want to feel special.”
When you are in a relationship, your girlfriend wants to feel she’s very important to you and special to you. So, make your woman your priority and let her know that.

5. “Can you make all the plans?”
Making plans is sexy. Women really love it when their significant others make plans and take charge. Every woman wants to date a man like that. Organizing and planning a great date is a simple way to make your girlfriend or wife happy. As long as you are in charge in making plans they will be heads over heels for you.

6. “I love foreplay.”
Sex is important in any romantic relationships. And foreplay is a part of sex. For women, foreplay is a favorite activity for them. For some ladies, it is more important than sex. Foreplay helps women to get into the mood. Women love being kissed, hugged, cuddle, explored and caressed. So, before having sex with your lady, spend some time exploring her body!

7. “I want more sex.”
Yes, you heard that’s right. Women want more sex. It’s been reported women crave sex just as much as men do. They also want to have a great time like guys do. They want to feel desired, needed and wanted.

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