7 Things Not To Do While Going Through a Breakup

All breakups sting, whether you and partner have decided to separate consciously after dating for a few months or ended a five-year-old relationship. Or just you were dumped mercilessly out of the blue. After any breakup comes to the healing process, and there are both healthy and wrong ways to cope with the grief. These bad ideas will postpone your healing and make it harder for you to move on, take hold of your life and find a new partner.

So, while mourning the demise of you relationship, make sure you follow these advices:

1. You just broke up and it feels like the whole life is falling apart. Crying will let your sorrow out. So, cry. There nothing shameful to cry. Mourn your breakup. Being hurt, angry, or humiliated is okay. Write your feelings a journal. Surround yourself with close family members and friends for support. You don’t need to cry at work, but spend some time alone and be honest with yourself.

2. Being friends with your ex after a breakup is a bad idea. So far, we don’t find any breakups that lead to a lasting friendship with your ex-partner. Don’t be friends with your ex yet, unless you have moved one and found someone new to date.

3. Don’t talk or communicate with your ex in any way or form. You just ended your relationship, but if you can’t resist to talk or communicate your ex about your breakup, or something important to tell to your ex. It can be that you need to return some of their belonging from your place or deal with shared lease or even pet dog. Don’t do it and resist the urge to communicate in any form. It’s important for you to move on.

4. Seeking retribution will only make things worse. Remember breakups are nobody’s fault. So, don’t do anything like steal his or her dog, or thrash their cars, or anything, that will lead to you in Legal troubles. Seeking revenge only fuels anger and hatred, which will only delay your healing process and to move on.

5. Stalk your ex on social media isn’t only bad it’s illegal too. When going through a breakup, using Facebook and the social media sites can be counterproductive. If you still want to use it, follow two rules, don’t post anything about your breakup online and don’t ever stalk your ex, no matter how much you want it. Also, remove your ex from your friends list as well, even if you don’t want to.

6. Don’t give up on finding love again. Don’t let a breakup take all of your hope away to ever finding love again. Take care of yourself and focus on things you always liked to do, but didn’t have the time and drive for, and pursue them with a passion. Spend time with your family and dearest friends for support and care. Refocus on your life goals. Love isn’t like a bullet that can only be shot once.

7. Don’t of reconciling with your ex after what happened between you two. Don’t beg for him or her to return in your life. Deep inside, you know very well that it’s not worth at all to be in a relationship where you have to beg him/her to be with you.

The takeaway here is to learn what you can from a relationship that just ended and keep moving forward. Don’t give up on never finding the perfect one and be grateful that the end of the relationship that wasn’t meant for you.

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