7 Things For Single Parents To Remember When Dating

Dating is hard, and it can get even more difficult if you’re a parent, while your kid or kids watch your every move. All of sudden your love life get tangled up with integrity, morals, and values that you’ve established for your kids.

Children learn from their parents, and when single parents go on dates, they’re showing their kids how to date, what kind of man or a woman should you date, is sex before marriage is right or not, and so forth. It’s not uncommon for kids to ask their single parents about a man in the bathroom, or why a lady is sleeping in their father’s bed in the morning. They will ask if you like him or her, or whether if you’re thinking to get married to that man or woman. Your kids might also pass out judgments or opinions about your dates like, ‘he’s too old, or she’s not pretty,' etc.

It can be stressful and overwhelming for some single parents, to give reasonable answers to questions like these, but there is a solution. Below are some tips that will be helpful for single parents who have decided to start a new relationship:

1. Ask yourself – how important are your children in your life? Some single parents will say they love them very much, while others give a more mature and serious answer like, “They love them so much that they’ll stop dating or won’t be in a relationship for a few years.” We aren’t telling that every single parent should follow this advice, but your kids’ future must be your top priority.

2. If you got divorced, keep in mind that your children still loves their mom or dad. They probably don’t want their mother or father gets replaced by a new man or a woman, or how much you love him or her.

3. It is better that you don’t introduce your kids to every new man or woman you’re dating. This will make them confused and create a negative impression about you.

4. Date someone who already has children. This will erase any complications in future with a potential partner who isn't ready or committed to be in a relationship or get married to someone with children.

5. Don’t allow your dates to roam in your room or house half-naked during the early morning so that your kids don't see him or her.

6. Some people just suck at being good parents. The more you get to know your date; you’ll be able to see that. Great dates don’t always make great parents.

7. Keep everything low key, when you realize that your relationship has turned serious, and you want to introduce your date to your kids. A trip to the zoo or a picnic is a great way to get your kids acquainted with your date, especially if they’re young. Things are different and harder when your children are older. In that situation, bring all the kids, particularly the older ones, into the discussion and ask them to express their feelings of this new person. Tell them you to want him or her to be part of the family and how they feel about that.

Being parents while dating can be difficult. But, if you follow the above advice finding someone new and having a relationship, and being a happy and responsible parent will be much easier.

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