7 Things That Turn-Offs Men, Yet Most Find Them Attractive

This might surprise you, but guys don’t want to have relationships with someone who likes them. The reality is some things do turn-off men in a big way and some of which may surprise you. The inability to have an engaging conversation, self-loathing, feeling insecure, jealousy and the list continue. Of course, some men also get turned off by fragrance or heels. Believe it or not, there are guys to whom big boobs are a turn-off!

There are many things a lot of guys get turned off which most of us will think will attract them. But that’s not always the case. Here are the things that turn men off which most folks find attractive.

  1. Body modifications or tattoos

There are a lot of guys who dislike tattoos or any kind of body modifications such as body art or piercings in other parts of the body like the nipples or the navel. Ear piercings seem fine though. No problem, but some women might say there’s double standard there.

  1. Laughing

Just like women, men are also attracted to women who have a sense of humor, can laugh and can make a man laugh. But, if that laugh is too loud, too long, and too often, then it can turn-off a guy. No one would want to date someone who does that.

  1. Being great in bed

Most men lose interest in a woman who claims that she’s amazing when it comes to making love, but isn’t actually. Just like the ladies, guys feel attracted to women, who know where they stand and do what they say. After all, actions speak louder than words. A lot of guys said that they would like to have a relationship with a woman who isn’t great in bed than with someone who claims they have nothing to learn in the sex department.

  1. Being over confident

Being cocky isn’t a major turn-off for women, but for men, too. Let’s be clear; men prefer confident women. They like all the perks that come while dating women who are confident and has a high self-esteem. But, men get turned off by a woman who thinks she's better than every other person around her. Keep in mind, being cocky and confident aren’t the same.

  1. Big bosoms and wearing too much makeup

Some guys don’t like big boobs. If it’s real, congratulations! But, fake boobs, that’s the worst. Another thing that turns-off men is when a woman puts so much makeup on she looks gorgeous, but once the makeup gets washed off, it’s nothing like he expected.

  1. A woman who tries to make her man jealous

Jealousy itself is a bad trait in a romantic relationship. And it’s totally gross when a woman tries to make her boyfriend or any man she likes to feel jealous.

  1. Being athletic

When men are looking for a woman, they are attracted to beautiful girls. Physical appearance matters, after all. It’s tough for a woman to invoke the interest of a man, who takes no care in her appearance. Besides, guys are also turned off by women who take too much care into their physique like women who are always exercising, going to guys, lifting weights, and their wardrobes full of yoga pants.

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