7 Things You Should Avoid After A Breakup

images (1)Breakup – the most unwanted word for any individuals. Sometimes, there is no way you can avoid it. So, it’s better to know how you can deal with it. There are effective ways to deal with your grief that works perfectly and few other things can trigger your sorrow and postpone healing. Never lose heart; time will shallow all of your bitterness from life. You just need to move on, and there will be someone who will respect your feelings and emotions. All of this will be a memory someday.

In this transition period, while dip into sadness, be sure you avoid these DON’T’s. Otherwise, you can end up harming you more.

1) Pretend you’re fine

Let your pain burn you. Cry or punch the pillow, throw away the journal or whatever reliefs you. Spend more time with your friends who care your emotions. You might want to show others that it’s not a matter for you while it is breaking you apart from inside. Be honest with yourself. It’s completely fine to be hurt, angry or humiliated. It’s not always obviously that you are guilty of a punishment.

2) Attached to ex as “Just Friend”

It’s very rare where a breakup lead to a solid friendship unless you’re comfortable when your ex dating someone else or vice versa. If the answer is no; you are not ready to be friend with your ex.
Very rarely can a breakup turned into a solid friendship. If you’re not comfortable with the idea when your ex dating with someone else and vice versa — you’re not ready to be pals. So, keep distance and stand your ground if ex pushing for a friendship.

3) Revenge? Not a solution

Revenge is not an ultimate solution and only lead to bitterness and hatred. Don’t destroy his stuff, kidnap mutual pet or anything that could lead you to any legal trouble. The best thing is to forgive and leave. Spend your valuable energy on individual who deserves it.

4) Continue Communication

However, you broke up in few days, you still want to share thoughts with your ex by calling and texting. You come across any incident that makes you laugh and the first thing you did was texting him/her. Don’t do it now.

But in some cases, it might essential to contact to return any stuff. Make it short and to the point and avoid any conversation that you used to convey in the relationship.

5) Beg for Settlement

Don’t beg him to return. Think deeply, you never wanted a relationship in which you need to beg someone to stay with you. The extra risk is, if your ex rejects you again, it will not just hurts, it will let you even down with more regret and humiliation.

6) Share bed

Never let it happen. Even on her deathbed, no woman will never wish to sleep with her ex-husband for one last time. Be logical and make it clean when you break up.

7) Give up

Don’t let a breakup bogged down you and lose your hope. She or He wasn’t the one and Love is not the experience that comes single time in life. There must be someone who really cares about you and your feelings. Take your time to find out what makes you happy. That could be any social work, spending time with children, any art that you really love. Reading motivational books can also help. Most of all, be confident and believe in you.

It’s very important that you learn from the belated relationship and move forward. Don’t lose hope finding the right match for you and be thankful that you are now free from a bad relationship.

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