7 Ways To Scare A Woman Away

Good women and good things don’t come very often. So, don’t mess up a good thing in making these mistakes mentioned below. Otherwise, according to the ladies, you will scare them off for good!

1. Showing Off
An egoistic guy is turn off for women. The more you boast or brag about much money you make, or how many ladies find you intriguing, the fewer women will be attracted you. It shows to women that you feel insecure inside, so you’re overcompensating for it. So, when it comes to getting dating women, don’t try too hard.

2. Poor Manners
Manners maketh a man. That’s not a cliché, it’s true. Besides, the typical belching, swearing or talking/texting while on the date, women also don’t like guys who don’t treat others respectfully. If you’re rude to waiters, cab drivers, maids, store clerk, you should rethink your approach. Your date will think if you don’t treat others well, how will you treat her?

3. Don’t Be A Cheapskate
Don’t use coupons on the first date. Don’t park your car fifteen blocks away, so you don’t have to pay for a $5 valet charges. We aren’t telling you should look for discounts or deals, or overspend on your dates; it’s perfectly fine if you can save some cash. But, if all of your activities are about being stingy, then it ruins the fun. It makes you look money-obsessed, and trust me women don’t like a guy obsessed with money.

4. Talking Sex Too Soon
We know the sex is a crucial part of a healthy relationship. Also building a long-term relationship depends on the sexual compatibility of both partners. But, if you mention anything voraciously sexual in the first few dates, texts, emails, phone calls, you will appear as someone who is fixated on sex, and this creeps a lot of ladies. It’s common for women to date guys who are only after sex. So, the first thing they do is filter those guys. Most women believe sex can only happen when two people get to know each other well, not before that.

5. Calling and Texting Her Too Much
Most men seem to believe that the right way to pursue a woman they’re interested at is by calling, texting, and emailing constantly. Well, a woman might feel flattered by all this attention, but the truth is this isn’t how things work. Instead, you’ll be seen as someone who is needy, inept, desperate, impatient and insecure. All of them are deal-breakers while dating.

6. Mr. Serious
Meeting someone new and knowing them can be nerve-wracking. But, if you relax and take the whole dating activity in a lighthearted manner, the better the whole situation will be. It’s just a date, after all! Most women are looking for a guy who has a sense of humor, and fun to spend time with. So, if you’re stiff, uptight, negative and serious, it will turn her off.

7. Complimenting Too Much
Everyone likes a compliment now and then. Ladies love them to do. It’s fine if you compliment your date, but limit it to just one or two per date. If you keep them coming, the whole thing becomes disingenuous and also a little suspicious. She might start to doubt your intentions, and can even take you as a potential stalker.

If you’re looking for a girl to date, remind yourself of these mistakes. Otherwise, we can safely say you’ll find a hard time being in a relationship.

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