8 Amazing Romance Tips To Get The Woman Of Your Dreams

When you’re single and dreaming of your true love most people don’t think about romantic dinner dates, forgotten anniversaries, gifts for special occasions, insensitive about appearance, nagging, etc. Rather, the outlook is rosy and positive, with flowers, chocolates, lots of laughter and attention, and lavished romance. We fall in love with the unrealistic expectations of a blissfully romantic relationship we always see in TV commercials and romantic dramas.  Do people really want to be in a relationship that is filled with diamond encrusted love hearts, constant cute kisses, or sweet-smelling flowers?

Not actually.

Most of us are busy in our modern lives. We are spending more time on our computers and smartphones now than with our partners. Often, our expectations for a romantic relationship are relatively realistic and pretty standardized. But, it’s not high enough or sufficient to nurture and maintain a happy, healthy romantic relationship. If we ignore being romantic to our significant others and don’t practice it together, the relationship can die. So, what will happen if you don’t love your spouse enough? What can happen if you're truly missing the romance in your relationship?

The only thing you can do to her is to get romantic. But, remember, romance is not a one-way street. It doesn’t matter, if you're a man or a woman, you just can't keep on receiving love. You both have to co-create it in your relationship. Being romantic in the relationship is a responsibility of two people.  Here are ten summer romance tips on you can be romantic to your girlfriend and make your romantic game more exciting:

  1. You are the king of your castle, and your girlfriend is the queen. So, start treating her like one.
  2. Laughter is the best medicine. Possessing a great sense of humor is a quality most women look for in a man while looking for a partner. So, smile, laugh and tell jokes to your girl, especially when she's possessed by misery and disappointment. Make putting a smile on her face your mission.
  3. When you make a promise, don’t break it. Always follow through. You shouldn't want to break the heart of the woman you are so much in love with.
  4. Bear in your mind that you can be quiet and happy, or right and miserable. It’s up to you.
  5. When you’re with your one true love, you’ll compromise and surrender one way or another with your spouse. So, there is little you can get by fighting.
  6. Your happiness depends on your girlfriend. Even if you broke up with her and erased every memory of her, you will still remember about the only woman who’s ever made you smile and laugh, and made you happy.
  7. Her enemy is your enemy. So, if your girl has an enemy, then you have any enemy, too.
  8. Surprise your girlfriend. If you think your old plan won’t surprise her much, trash it and plan another. If you can surprise yourself, you’ll surprise your woman.

Finally, if you’re dating someone and despite doing all the things right, if everything has gone wrong, don’t beat yourself for it. Instead, rejoice. After all, there should be something that must go right!

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