8 Gross Things Women Do When In A Relationship That Men Actually Love

When we first meet someone, we are all on our best behavior. However, as the relationship progresses over time, we get sort of comfortable and lot of things start to change. While we might become more comfortable and accepting of seeing our girlfriends without makeup, a lot of other pretty disgusting things may begin to appear. And some of these are so gross that it might make you distance yourself from her. Except, of course, if you are really into her.

Here are some of the gross things women do which guys actually like. To speak frankly, these aren’t gross. The ladies, who are doing it are just being themselves. Besides, they are doing in front of men who can handle it.




    Some men love when their partners fart in front of them. Because it indicates that they are comfortable enough to do that and will be doing that a lot more often in the future.
  • Sweating
    Sweating with the right person will emit pheromones that can be quite hot and alluring. And it will be the opposite with the wrong person.
  • Burping
    When a woman burps in front of you, it means that she’s comfortable. That's sexy and hot. There’s another plus point here when she burps in front of you; she can't judge when you do it too.
  • Binging on food
    Hate it or love it, men love to see their girlfriends eat. Many girls think that their boyfriends only want them to eat salads or grilled fish. But, guys absolutely love a girl who is bringing out on chicken or Buffalo wings and getting messy.
  • Scraping earwax from the ears
    Some girls like to scrape the wax out from their boyfriend’s ears. This might sound gross to people out there, but obviously, some guys love it. It’s also lovely and affectionate at the same time.
  • Having morning breath
    Not all people are turned off by morning breath. Some folks are horrified not only by their partner’s morning breath but also by their own as well. So, if that’s the case then pop in a Listerine tab or brush your teeth before kissing your girlfriend. And if you like morning sex, then it makes perfect sense to cut her some slack.
  • Popping pimples
    Some people are obsessed with blackheads and pimples. If they see them on their partners they can hardly wait to pop or squeeze them. So, don’t gross out when your partner swoons over every bump on your skin, pimple, blackheads, or in-grown hair, and does everything to get it out.
  • Pleasuring herself in front of their partners
    When it comes to things you like and don’t like, it’s pretty subjective. So, some guys will really like to watch their significant other touching herself while having sex. Then there are some women who think that masturbating is gross, despite that fact that these women will never think of doing it in front of their boyfriend in a million years. But, secretly their boyfriends will like it, nonetheless. So, if you are in a committed relationship and notice that your girlfriend feels uncomfortable to pleasure herself in front of you, encourage her.

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