8 Harsh, Yet Sweet Truths About Dating Short Guys

Most of us are pretty familiar with the expression, “Good things come in small packages.” How much truth is there is this statement? Well, a recent study tells that men who are short tend to live longer. Well, living longer and being a good date while short are two different things. We asked a few women to explain to us what they’ve learned from dating shorter men:

1. Short Guys Put In More Effort
As short guys are short, they need to compensate that with something. That’s shorter guys try harder in bed. As short men have a hard time to score a date, they're willing to put in extra effort to satisfy their girlfriends sexually.

2. They Lie About Their Height
Shorter men have a high tendency to lie about their actual heights on their dating sites and apps profiles than tall men. A lot of women have complained that they’ve met guys who said they are 5'7″ or 5'4″, but when they met them in person, they weren’t even close to that. The thing is there is nothing wrong in being short but never lie about it.

3. Holding Hands And Hugging Are Easier For Shorter Men
Some women have said that while dating 6′ guys, they feel like a kid while holding hands and hugging them. Well, if you date a short guy you won’t have those problems. Dating a short man feels more natural, and women will enjoy holding hands, hugging and kissing shorter men.

4. Short Guys Are Everywhere!
It’s a harsh truth that short guys are mostly overlooked by a lot of women. So, if you’re looking for a good man, then you’re in luck as there are plenty of decent, short guys to choose from.

5. Short Guys Feel Insecure
Short guys feel insecure, and it can easily be seen as they’re always working out, driving muscle cars, and involved into other manly things, and sometimes more than their tall friends or coworkers. Shorter guys would even talk in a deep voice just to feel more masculine when with other guys. Most people think that shorter guys feel more vulnerable because they can only date shorter girls.

6. Short Guys Love PDA
Shorter guys like to be in control. That’s why they tend to be really into the public display of affection. As I said, earlier shorter guys like to compensate for their shortness. So, they will do everything possible to please their women.

7. They Don't Mind Joking Around About It
Some short guys are secure in themselves that they don’t care if people including their girlfriends made fun or crack some jokes about their height. It proves that it’s not a problem to them, and definitely, they don’t shy away from it, too.

8. Short Men Can See Up Your Nose
No problem with your nose here, but nose hair? Well, shorter guys can see up your nose. That explains why some short men are terribly paranoid about nose hair.

The Bottom Line
When you’re looking for a relationship, the physical aspects or qualities don’t have a much bigger effect than the emotional dimensions of a person. If the both of you can hit it off, it doesn’t matter if he’s short or tall.

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