8 Qualities That Create an Unbreakable Relationship

Most people are in relationships without a purpose. They are in relationships because their friends, coworkers, and people around them are in one. If you are dating without a purpose, it won’t take you very far. Dating with purpose is for those who are making an effort to be in a relationship that includes romantic love and excitement. It’s about finding out if the other person is compatible enough to sustain a healthy relationship and has the same desire to build a future together.

If you are looking for someone with whom to share the rest of your life, dating with purpose is essential. Here is a list of qualities that will lead to an unbreakable relationship:

1. Honesty that promotes trust

The best partners are those who aren’t only honest, but someone we can really trust. Honesty means being transparent and truthful. Withholding information or keeping secrets affects the relationship and is a sign of mistrust.

2. Readiness for a relationship

This is emotional maturity. You should date someone who understands how a relationship works and isn’t all about fairytales and unrealistic expectations. One way to tell whether a person is ready for a committed relationship is to find out if he/she has dealt with issues from their childhood or previous relationships.

3. The ability to compromise

Compromise is imperative for a successful relationship. Relationships are all about finding a middle ground. It means that you should be willing to accept your partner’s terms, even if you don’t like them.

4. Self-awareness

Before being in a relationship, you should know who you are and what you want from a relationship. This also applies to your girlfriend or partner. Most people get into relationships without being self-aware. They don’t know what they really want from it and often end up neglecting themselves and focusing on their partners. Couples in mature relationships understand themselves and know what they want.

5. Self-esteem

Having high self-esteem is essential for a relationship to survive. It means that both partners feel good about themselves and feel confident to contribute to the relationship equally. If one of the partners has poor self-esteem, he/she might let the other partner dominate or control them, which makes the relationship weak.

6. Good communication skills

Communication is the key for a happy, long-lasting relationship. Good communication in a relationship means asking for what you want without being needy or clingy. It means expressing your opinion and your real feelings without attacking or criticizing the other person. Communication will become worthless if both partners don’t listen to each other.

7. Realistic expectations

Each partner must have realistic expectations about his or her happiness in the relationship. Your happiness is your responsibility, and your relationship can help you with it. We tend to romanticize our relationships the way we see in romantic books and movies, but reality is different. Your happiness should come from having a healthy relationship with yoursef and the relationship you maintain with your friends and family.

8. Sexual compatibility

This means having the same sexual preferences and desires. Sex isn’t that important, but it can be a deal breaker. If one partner asks for something new like experimenting with a new sex position, and the other partner doesn’t, he/she will end up hurt or feeling rejected. This can also happen if one person wants more sex, while the other person doesn’t.

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