8 Signs That Prove You Aren’t Fully Ready For A Relationship

If you find yourself unsuccessful and frustrated in dating, it can be that you aren’t fully ready for a romantic relationship. We understand you might feel lonely or feel pressurized by your friends and family to be in a relationship, but for the time being its single is the better option for you until you figure things out.

Also, it will also give you some time to re-evaluate if it is realistic for you to be in a committed relationship. That being told, the value of being single, sometimes, is underestimated. Your life as a single man or a woman can be full of fun and fulfill, if you keep working on yourself, develop friendships, meet new people, and simply let yourself relax. Pause for a moment of where you, and think deeply if the thing you’re missing out in your life is a relationship or something else.

Here are the eight signs that prove you’re not ready for a relationship:

    1. You always keep listing only unappealing qualities of men. When you’re looking for men rather than looking for a fit and toned guy, you’re always listing not so attractive characteristics of men like a protruding nose hair or having a beer belly.

2. In your previous relationships, you never achieved closure with your ex or exes. Most of the time you’re always flirting or romanticizing about getting back together with one of your exes.

3. You’re engaging in casual sex and very fond of the “friends with benefits” thing. You’re viewing sex as a recreational activity, rather than a way to develop a profoundly sacred connection with your partner.

4. Reading your books on your nightstand is the best thing you like to do at the end of a busy day. You keep dreaming of spending time with your favorite characters from the stories of your current novels.

5. You can’t let go of your past. You keep holding tight onto your past baggage. The disappointments and troubles from your past relationships and the reasons for you being single have become your identity.

6. Your freedom is crucial to your than everything else. You’ve become very set and attached to your daily routine so much that if someone asked or introduced you to a different style, it would drive you insane.

7. You feel lost, unhappy incomplete without a partner. If you really want to give love to someone, you should first be happy with yourself. If you can't be satisfied and happy with you life, or can’t happiness by your own, and expect somebody else to make you happy, then your heart and mind are in the wrong place.

8. Your attitude is all about “been there, done that.” You still can’t grasp the idea that you need to invest a lot of your time and effort to be in a healthy and committed relationship. You’re still doubtful that relationships are worth the effort or responsibility.

If you’re still single and looking for someone and none of these signs fit your persona, then persevere. Don’t lose your patience and continue searching for your soul mate. For the time being, be happy with your current situation and stay open to change and new opportunities.

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