8 Things All Guys Must Know Before Making A Move!

People say women are hard to understand and this is true to a great extent. Women can be confusing which is why guys end up getting embarrassed or making a fool out of themselves. There are some things which men should be sure and clear of so that when they do make a move, their chances are pretty good.

#1- Understand women

This is like the first rule before anything, in order to get a woman you first need to “get” women. You need to know where women come from emotionally and whatever goes on in their mind. You need to know how they react to certain situations and how they like to be treated in different situations. Women are smart and they can quickly judge if the other person is nervous or anxious, so you need to ace their mind games before making any move.

#2- Attract her

Women are used to dealing with ask-outs and random guys coming up and appreciating their beauty. What they really look for in guys is something that is out of the ordinary, something special. Guys should try to attract a woman with their looks or style before going to them and starting off with the same old conversation.

#3- Keep it less of an interview

When initiating conversation with women, you need to make sure that it doesn’t get boring. Asking too many questions will make her lose interest in the talk and it will look more like a job interview than a friendly banter.

#4- Be playful

Being serious and deep sure works, but not always. Women always enjoy the company of guys who can make them laugh and start an interesting conversation. A good sense of humor is not common these days but if you have one, then be sure to make good use of it.

#5- Be challenging

Too easy to get is boring and not what women chase. If you want to keep the spark alive and to make sure that a particular woman is interested in you, you have to create a situation that seems challenging to her. Build mystery by not telling all about you at once and at the same time maintain her interest.

#6- Dress best

As much as we ignore it, but we can’t deny the fact that yes dressing is and will continue to play an important part in building someone’s personality. Guys should make sure that their dressing matches their personality and represents it perfectly.

#7- Master the touch

Some guys make a huge blunder by making the woman physically uncomfortable. This thins, therefore, should be kept in mind that physical touch should not be initiated unless the woman gets comfortable around you.

#8- Be gutsy

Sometimes playing too safe gets boring and annoying. Women like guys who are daring and go for something that involves using guts rather than just doing the usual boring stuff.

Mastering these tips beforehand is surely going to be of great help for guys when they think of approaching women.


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