8 Things Guys Really Want To See In Their Girlfriends

To be honest, when it comes to guys looking for a girl, most of them want a lot of things in a girl before they marry. But, given that how things are now, they can’t. Apart from the usual qualities like commitment, loyalty, and trustworthiness, here are some things men want in a woman.

1. A Woman Who Makes Men Feel Like “MEN.”
In plain language, this means that a man wants to feel like a “man.” This feeling equates men with confidence, virility, strength, and a high sense of self-esteem. They want a woman who can make them feel unique and powerful, and make them believe that they’re conquering someone.

2. A challenge
Nobody likes to date someone who is a total doormat. This is the reason why men and women who are super nice aren’t in a relationship with people who respects them. The issue here is that most folks are socialized to think that if you treat people nicely, they’ll like you. But, that’s only half the truth. What wins people over is by being genuinely nice, but assertive to them.

3. A Woman who can cook
This fact can’t be stressed enough. Like or hate, all guys really adore a woman who can cook. But, unfortunately, the way things are now, finding a woman who can cook regularly is tough, let alone who can prepare your favorite pasta dish.

4. A woman who radiates kindness
There is one thing most guys are aware of. People who are genuinely kind and gentle are exceedingly rare. So, if you happen to have these two qualities get ready to guys lining up behind you to have your hand.

5. A woman who is happy and alive
Regardless of what gender you are, people with active and sunny personalities are super-attractive. If you’re a woman who is always on the move, optimistic, energetic, confident, vivacious, and funny, then you’ll get much more attention than someone who is lazy, desperate and looks miserable.

6. A woman who can take care of her affairs
Most men are resentful of who only date men who make more money than them. If you’re thinking about leaving your job the moment you start dating him, think again, because it’s highly likely that he’ll; dump you. He will get the impression that you’re only dating him so that he can provide you financially. Therefore, just be yourself and chances are you’ll attract a better people and more respect.

7. A woman who assumes responsibility for her feelings and emotions
Most guys are interested in dating a classic damsel in distress. They don’t want to take on the responsibility to make someone happy. Men like to date women, who can draw her boundaries, is responsible for her their happiness, and emotionally healthy.

8. A woman who can represent herself in a socially acceptable manner
Some stereotypes will never change especially when you’re looking for a relationship. For example, men want a “trophy girlfriend or wife” who behaves in ways that are socially deemed as “feminine” and “acceptable.” This is true as there have been many incidents that women with masculine tendencies have been turned down by men. Also, keep in mind, most guys hate dating girls who will make a scene no matter where she goes.

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