8 Things Men Hopes To Want In Women, But Later Realizing They Don’t

It’s true; guys really don't know what they want in a woman. A lot of men looking for a girl end up realizing that the qualities or traits they used to want to see in a woman aren’t really what they want later on in life.

Here’s what most men hoped to see in women, but then realizing they don’t want them or regret wanting them:

  1. Women Who Follow Trends

Some men always wanted girls who follow trends and are just like anyone else. But, later these found these women are boring as they’ve nothing in common with people who are average. It’s strange, yet true.

  1. Traditional Women

Some guys are just old-school and only cared about dating a girl who was traditional. But, over time they’ve come to their senses that it’s difficult to date traditional girls. The reason is most traditional girls don’t pay on dates; they don’t work, so it becomes challenging for their partners to pay for all the expenses.

  1. Virgins

Most men always insist on dating girls who are virgins or even close to it. The main reason is having sex with an experienced girl makes it easier for men to learn new things with them. Meanwhile, having sex with virgins or inexperienced girls mean that you need to have the patience to teach them everything. And, patience is something most guys don’t have.

  1. Insecure Women

We have noticed that men, who date vulnerable women, are themselves insecure. But, as these men grew older and got more confident; they realized that they couldn’t handle the drama that came with having relationships with insecure women.

  1. Rebellious Women

Most guys have a fantasy that dating a rebellious girl means having a super-exciting life. But, that’s not the case, unfortunately. Once, they start dating once; they came to realize that it is really exhausting. Dating a rebellious girl might seem like an excellent idea, but it’s not for everyone. The same applies to women who are adventurous, and have a hard time settling down, have kids and so on.

  1. Women Who Wanted Kids

Some men fantasize the idea of dating a woman who wanted children. But, some guys aren’t fit to be fathers or don’t like to have families with a bunch of kids. Maybe they’re afraid of pregnancy or all the complications pregnant women have. Nonetheless, these men will never date a woman who wants kids.

  1. Women Who Love Parties

Some men always lusted or were infatuated with party girls. But, after dating one, they soon realized that they don’t want to bring their party-loving girlfriends to a family barbecue. These guys don’t want to be embarrassed when their girlfriends get drunk or trashed and later had to be driven home.

  1. Pretty, Good-Looking Women

Young men in their early 20s seem to always think of dating the hottest girl they could find. But, as they grow and their thoughts and feelings get mature, they start to realize that looks aren’t everything. In fact, if you want to have a happy and healthy relationship, you need to date a woman who has a kind soul and makes for a great companion.

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