8 Ways To Make A Girl Notice You On Tinder

When it comes to online dating, you have probably read a ton of articles on how to meet the perfect woman. While looking for matches online, most men have already gone on dates with someone that has caught their interest. But there are plenty of guys out there who are yet to meet someone with whom they can have a relationship with or just want spend some time with. Well, this article is for men who are having a hard time meeting someone online. Keep in mind, none of these pieces of advice are critical or judgmental. Consider it just friendly advice.

Here are eight tips you need to know to get women to be interested in you on Tinder:

1. Don't hide your eyes.

Wearing sunglasses in your profile pictures hides your eyes. Most women will swipe left if they can’t see someone's eyes. After all, William Shakespeare said, “The Eyes are the window to the soul.” Show your entire face or the ladies will be skeptical. And just one picture isn’t enough – a few good ones would be nice.

2. Don’t wear hats. They are not sexy.

Not all hats are uncool; baseball caps are okay. Don’t wear cowboy hats or caps that have inappropriate messages on them. Also, if you are wearing hats in all of your Tinder pictures, women might think that you are bald.

3. Don’t post photos of your kids, please!

Including your children in your Tinder pictures won’t make any women swoon over you. It's not even attractive. It just makes people question your integrity. And most importantly, don’t even think of posting pictures of other people’s children.

4. Post a realistic photo of yourself.

Posting pictures of yourself that you took in beautiful landscapes is great, but that doesn’t give your match a good idea of who you are. It only tells her that you have traveled to exotic destinations. Put, profile pictures are supposed to display pictures of yourself, not where you went for your vacation. Women have no interest in seeing your car or your boat. You can show her all that later when she decides to meet you. Also, post recent pictures. Don’t post pictures you took five years ago. Never upload pictures of yourself with your ex. And, finally, don’t ever upload pictures of your manhood.

5. Never post a list of your dating requirements.

Sharing a list of your dating preferences on your profile won’t entice ladies to swoon over you. So leave it out. You can talk about these things later when you meet her.

6. Be confident to show who you are.

Don’t be afraid to show the real you. Truthfulness and authenticity are appealing to women.

7. Don't  send friend requests to your match too soon.

Sending your match a friend request on Facebook or adding her on LinkedIn without interacting or meeting her first won’t make your match like you more. They will just ignore you.

8. Don’t ask for her number right away.

Patience is a virtue if you are looking for a date. The ladies won’t give you their number or meet you after you've interacted with them for a few minutes. They will swipe right or even worse, will think you are a stalker. So give them some time.

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