9 Biggest Dating Pet Peeves For You To Know

When it comes to dating and relationships, most of us are pretty familiar with different dating peeves. We won’t discuss whether they’re good or bad for dates or relationships, but we will tell what they are:

1. Mr. and Ms. Late.
Are they disorganized, forgetful or just passively aggressive? It’s hard to pinpoint why some men and women are late to be on their dates. Maybe it’s habitual; we will never know. But, it surely is damn annoying, not to mentions pretty annoying for many dates.

2. The Perplexed Kisser.
So far, so good. The date is going well, and he decides to give you a kiss. Not just any other kiss, a big, wet and sloppy kiss! Well, to you my friend, your date is over – forever. Words of advice, when the moment arrives to give your partner a kiss, go slow and gentle. There’s plenty of time left for a more passionate and intimate lip lock.

3. Awful Breath.
Aside from sloppy kisser, another group of hopeless dates are those with bad breath. Most single people this isn’t just only a pet peeve, it’s a total deal-breaker. Keep those teeth of your clean and your mouth smelling fresh, and visit your dentist regularly. We know you won’t like it, but hey it’s for your good.

4. The Profuse Drinker.
Having a little too many on dates is not an uncommon pet peeve. A lot of people do it unknowingly or knowingly we can’t tell, but having a conversation with an intoxicated person is more than frustrating.

5. The Remote Controller.
Almost all men and women do it, but many said that this turns into a big pet peeve when their boyfriends come in and take charge of the television, no questions asked. It doesn’t matter to him whether she’s watching her favorite television show or something important. When he arrives, he grabs the TV remote and starts watching the games. Super annoying!

6. Mr. Rude.
Being rude or resentful to waiters in the restaurant or the bar for no reason is one of the biggest pet peeves out there. Then there are poor manners. People have complained that their dates ate with a mouthful, talked with food in their mouths, or took food from the other person’s plate. Some women complained that men didn’t open or held the door for them. Well, if you keep doing all these, then be prepared to face a lot of troubles in the relationship. So, stop being rude, be respectful, and be a gentleman.

7. Mr. Story Teller.
Dating is all about getting to know each other. It’s not about sharing your life story, line by line. Daters lose their interest in someone when he or she only talks about himself or herself.

8. Constant Phone Checker.
Checking the phone regularly for new text messages, emails or notifications, or talking or texting, during a date is a major pet peeve. Put away your phone.

9. Mr. and Ms. Negative.
Some folks are always complaining about their exes, their past relationships, overall they’ve a negative attitude and pessimistic about life and everything in general. We don’t know how many people are willing to put up with them. These people also talk negatively about their own selves. A significant indication that these folks have low self-esteem and confidence.

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