9 Brutally Heartbreaking Reasons of Why People Breakup

Let’s be honest, love hurts. We all have experiences about times when we feel like we're going to burst if we don’t let something out. It might be something about your ex, or it might be something you dislike or find annoying about your relationship. You’ve been open and honest while expressing your thoughts and feelings. You also learned the hard way that when you say something to someone at the wrong time, there will be consequences, it doesn't matter if they're right or wrong people.

Some of these consequences can be extremely harsh and painful such as a breakup or a divorce. Healing or getting over a breakup or a divorce can take a long time, and some men and women never can cope.  The heartbreak the received from the demise of their relationship was so severe that they’ve decided not to be in a relationship or date anyone else anymore.

So, what are the reasons couples decided to end their relationships? Here are some brutal and heartbreaking ones:

  1. Relationships can end if one of the partners has a passive approach to relationships. It means these men and women don’t date someone who thrives in chaos. Meanwhile, the other person thinks that he or she doesn’t like to fight or argue, is boring and is okay with a lot of things.
  1. Breakups occur because of trust issues. Some people just can handle trust or regain trust in their partners when they break it. This is evident when a spouse commits adultery.
  1. Relationships don’t last because of deflecting insecurities. In some relationships, two people aren’t just compatible with each other. They’re manipulative, selfish, super jealous and have low self-esteem, all of which are detrimental to a long-term relationship. These men and women aren’t necessarily bad; they aren’t just the right person for a relationship.
  1. Believe it or not, breakups can happen if couples detach from social media. We have heard about relationships ending because one of the partners weren’t on Facebook for a week or wished them on their birthdays! Ridiculous, right?
  1. Sometimes relationships end because one of the partners was too old. So, if you think that you can find love at any age, think again.
  1. Couples break up because they can’t handle the disadvantages of being in an open relationship. Some couples get into an open relationship without understanding the consequences or the awkwardness of an open relationship such one partner having sex with the person while dating someone else.
  1. Relationships end because one or both of the partners in the relationships aren’t over their exes or their past relationships. People, who didn’t move on from their previous relationships aren’t just ready for a new relationship.
  1. Differing religious beliefs can be a reason for a relationship. You can’t have a happy and healthy relationship if you don’t agree or compromise on each other religious values. Some things are just non-negotiable.
  2. If one of the partners is depressed or has some significant emotional problems, it can drive a wedge between the relationship. You aren’t fully ready to be in a committed relationship if can't handle someone you love at their worst or yourself for the matter.

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