9 Common Mistakes Men and Women Make During Online Dating

There are a lot of ways to meet people and learn about them if you’re thinking about having a relationship. There is the old-fashioned way of meeting people during social events and parties. Then there is online dating. Though the concept is pretty new, it’s gaining popularity among younger people. It’s an amazing way to meet your match, but there are some common mistake men and women make during the online dating process.

So – here are 9 common errors men and women make while dating online:

1. Don’t say “How are you?” It’s a pretty dated conversation starter. Instead, try talking about something you found interesting in his or her online profile and talk specifically about it.

2. Check for spelling mistakes. Also, check your grammar too. There are free online tools that do it.

3. Stop messaging endlessly. Some people just don’t get the hint. If you sent a message or an email, and you didn’t get a response from him or her, it means that either they’re away or busy, or simply not interested. If you sent a message for the first time and didn’t get a response, then wait for a few weeks and send a second one. If that too goes unnoticed, don’t try for the third time. Let it go.

4. Don’t post a sad profile picture. Cheer up. It can’t be that bad. The first impression is the best impression. If you have a face with a sad expression that the world is going to end, then good luck finding someone to ask you for a date.

5. Women don’t owe you anything. Just because they’re women, they don’t owe you anything. Not even a reply. So, be respectful and cool. Well, this goes for ladies too.

6. Please ask something about me. Even the cool guys sometimes make this mistake. They always ask their matches to ask something interesting about them. What they tend to forget is that communication goes both ways. So, it only makes sense if you also ask something interesting about them – what they do, what they like and so forth.

7. Don’t post a profile picture with a woman in the background. Mostly guys do this and I swear if you guys keep doing this, then you won’t get any women to be interested in you. I know she might be just a friend and isn’t romantically involved with you. But, it’s awkward. So, don’t do it.

8. First dates should last only 1-2 hours. Anything above that is just plain weird. For example a long first date – maybe we could have a drink or coffee, go for a walk, have a picnic and then go watch the sunset together. Tomorrow we will pick the place where we will get married. Sound awkward, right? So, keep your first date short.

9. You know what’s a bad move on the first date? Watching a movie. Why can’t you both go somewhere peaceful, talk and get to know each other? It's a way better than sitting in the dark for two hours, eating popcorn, and listening to each other breathing.

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