9 Ground Rules Every Guy In A New Relationship Should Know

Things can be tricky when you’re in a new relationship. Most men aren’t that good at guessing what women think or want. Sometimes our naivety or stupidity often leads to unnecessary arguments which could otherwise be easily avoided. By setting some ground rules for a new relationship, you can get past the trivial things and start enjoying your lives together.

Below are ten ground rules for a new relationship that every guy in a new relationship should pay attention to:

  1. PDA Rules

People’s comfort levels are different when it comes to couples displaying their affection for each other in public. It doesn’t matter if you and your girlfriend are holding hands, kissing, or heated smooches on the neck in the park, know the boundaries and don't cross it.

  1. Spend One Day A Week Together

Decide to spend one day together every week, and don’t invite anyone else. All of us are busy with work and other stuff, so designating one day to spend quality time together is healthy for any relationship.

  1. Give Space

It’s a great feeling being in a relationship, but behaving like Siamese twins is not. Give space to each other, respect it, and don't take it very seriously if she asks you to give her some time for herself.

  1. Be Friends With Your Girlfriend's Pals

You don’t have to be bosom friends with your girlfriend's pals, but it’s kind of you to feel comfortable and get along well with her friends. In the meantime, don’t forget your friends, who were with you before she became your girlfriend. Abandoning your pals will lead to feelings of neglect and resentment, and trust me you’ll need their encouragement and support if your relationship comes to an end.

  1. Don't Hide Things

You aren’t required to tell her about the time you had sex with girlfriend’s best friend, but it’s probably a good idea to say her whether you’re still friends with your ex before she runs into the two of you on the beach or the street.

  1. Don’t Be Jealous

Don’t start an argument with your girlfriend because she checked out at that attractive guy in the bar. Just because at someone attractive doesn’t mean that she’s interested in him or wants to have sex with him. Loosen up, and keep your jealousy under control.

  1. What stays in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom

This is a relationship, not a one-night stand. So, don’t talk about what goes on in the bedroom with your friends or coworkers. What stays in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom.

  1. Don't Talk About The Future Too Soon

This is a common mistake most couples who are in new relationships often make. After just being on only a few dates and without knowing each other better, the other person starts to talk about engagements, marriages, kids, etc. Nothing freaks a guy out like the prospect of marriage and having kids before he's actually ready for such a commitment. It’s not that the man isn’t interested in being in a serious relationship if he avoids talking about the topic. It’s that he just like how things are and isn’t just quite ready to talk about the future. So, it is better not talk about the future until it's time to say it.

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