9 Kinds Of People Most Likely To Cheat On Their Partners

Let’s make one thing clear; no one on earth actually wants to date a cheater. But, often, there are times we fail to see the signs that our beloved boyfriend or girlfriend was lying to us and having an affair secretly with someone else that will ruin your life and your relationship.  Stop worrying whether she’s hiding a second cell phone in the closet, her being less affectionate or having less sex with you. Instead, what you should be asking yourself is; whether your girlfriend is addicted to Twitter? Is your girlfriend blonde? Is your boyfriend turning 29? Is your boyfriend tall or not? etc.

Here’s a list of nine types of people who have a higher tendency to cheat:

  1. People Whose Age Has The Number “9.”

Looking forward to going on a date with a guy who's about to turn 29? It might be better if you wait a year or so. Why? Because science said so! A new study published in the Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences reported that men and women turning to an age that has the number “9” are highly likely to be unfaithful on their spouses.  Why? People who are turning 29, 39, 49, and so on, tend to make major life-altering choices as they reach those ages.

  1. Tall Men

This doesn’t necessarily mean that short guys make great boyfriends. According to IllicitEncounters.com, a study from an extra-marital dating website, men over 5'10” are twice more likely to cheat on their girlfriends than their shorter counterparts.

  1. IT Guys

Don’t get fooled by their patience, hoodies, or hipster glasses. When it comes updating your iPhone, these guys are sneaky and cheating hubbies.

  1. Rock And Roll Fans

According to another survey on IllicitEncounters.com, an extra-marital dating website, 41 percent of all cheaters prefer rock and roll music than all other genres. So, who are the most loyal partners? This might surprise you: rap lovers.

  1. Female Teachers

So, what professions are highly likely to lead ashtray? According to AshleyMadison.com, an extra-marital dating website reported that its typical cheating wife is likely to be a teacher.

  1. Blonde Women

Do blonde women have more fun than other women? Well, if you consider cheating a fun activity than you got it. A survey by CheaterVille.com found that among all the women who have been unfaithful to their partners 42 percent of them have blonde hair. So, what a better girlfriend? Date brunettes or girls with black hair as only 11 percent of women are cheaters.

  1. Twitter Users

We all know social media can be detrimental to your romantic relationship. Apparently, this statement gets even more validated by a University of Missouri study that shows people who tweet are more likely to commit infidelity. The more a person uses Twitter, the more he or she is likely to have relationship problems such as extramarital affairs.

  1. Shopaholics

A survey by AshleyMadison.com revealed that their usual, cheating female user is a diehard shopper. Over a third of the women who participated in the study admitted that they spend more on looking good since they started cheating. And an unfaithful shopaholic's most preferred brand? The Banana Republic.

So, there you go, if you’re looking for a date, and don’t want to get your heart burnt, be careful while dating these kinds of men and women.

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