9 Signs That He’s Definitely NOT Interested In You

How do you know that the guy you love is into you? Love is an amazing and beautiful feeling, but it can also be distracting. Sometimes our hearts are so much fixed to make it happen with someone, we almost get blindsided to visible signs that our love interest isn’t quite feeling the same way. You probably have seen your friends and family members go through strained relationships with someone where it's crystal clear that the person that they loved so much wasn't really in love with them. You’ve noticed their partners not looking at them, ignoring them, getting distracted or flirting with someone else in front of them, busy calling or texting someone else, and so forth.

You get bewildered with an untold sense of sadness and keep wondering how come this bright, intelligent person became so obvious of the fact that their current partner isn’t interested in them and not loving them back in return. The simple reason; they’re in love!

How can you tell them that they will have their hearts broken further down the path and they will be drowned in despair when that happens? How can you tell that the love they’re now feeling will be over soon and they will have to walk a very long and lonely way to nowhere? It’s not true that they don’t see the flaws in their partners while dating; it’s just that they assumed that they could change them and transform those flaws into qualities. But the fact is people don’t change.

Anyways, here are nine obvious red flags that show that your partner is just not into you and doesn’t love you.

1. They don’t post photos of you on their Facebook pages or on social media pages. But, they never forget to share pictures of their friends.

2. When they’re with you, they check or flirt with the opposite sex as they walk by or sit in the park. When you’re together, they spend most of the time texting, talking or chatting with other people. They totally forget you’re with him or her.

3. They only love and care for you, only when they expect something specific from you. They would stay with you as long as you have money to spend on them. When you get assertive, they threaten to leave you and out they go.

4. They don’t really care about their appearances while they’re with you, but up their jam and glam when they hang out without you.

5. They don’t do anything for you, but they expect to do a lot for them

6. They always treat as something like a last resort. That is if they can’t find any of their friends to go out with them, then they hang with you. Moreover, they act like they’re doing you a favor of going out with you as no one else would want to. They don’t treat you as close friend because you never were to them anytime and they don’t plan on staying with you.

7. They never compliment or appreciate you, but always criticize or bash you, even for the most insignificant things.

8. They never call you cute and endearing names like honey, babe, bae, sweetheart etc.

9. They don’t like to have a conversation about a future with you like relationship goals, marriage, etc. as there won’t be one.

The takeaway here if your date has few or most of these signs and doesn’t make an effort to change, then its time you end the relationship and move on before it’s too late.

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