9 Things You Should Never Post on Facebook During A Breakup

Breakups are painful. We feel upset, angry, frustrated and resentful towards our ex. Getting over a breakup is even harder. We keep thinking about our exes all the time, and constantly blaming ourselves for not trying hard to save the relationship. This will make it even tougher for people to move on and be in a relationship.

Then, there is Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites where some men and women use it to let the world know of their single status. These are not necessarily bad things, but posting and sharing just because you wanted to, can be damaging to your personality. Remember these nine simple rules about what not to post online after a breakup.

1. Never stalk your ex on Facebook. Avoid checking his or her Facebook page now and then, and even if you do don’t post or comment anywhere or do anything that will indicate that you were there.

2. Facebook isn’t your diary. Just because you’re life has been turned upside down doesn’t mean you should post all of your sob stories for your friends and people to read. If you want to note down your feelings, use a real diary instead. Cry with a close friend or friends. Don’t use status updates and pictures to declare that you’re having the best or worst time ever. We suggest you avoid using social media for some time after a breakup.

3. Don’t post or share sentimental breakup songs. If you want to listen to them, hear alone.

4. If you have a profile picture with your ex, we suggest you change or remove it. Don’t visit his or her Facebook page or share anything on their wall. Change your relationship status to single.

5. Don’t go into a Facebook rebound by posting photos of you with friends of the opposite sex. Avoid messaging your ex and your single friends telling about your single status. In other words, don’t do or share anything that will make your ex to feel jealous. It will only make you look bad.

6. Don’t get your friends involved in your breakup. Don’t post on their walls that you’ll unfriend him or her if they remain mutual friends with your ex.

7. Don’t post ambiguous notes about your ex. In fact, don’t post any cryptic notes on Facebook or any other social media sites ever. It’s a bad idea to let people know that you’re sad or not in a good emotional state.

8. Don’t post hateful, hurtful or insulting messages directed to your ex or in his or her Facebook wall. Don’t make your ex look miserable in front of other people. Don’t slander and betray your ex’s trust. Always take the high road and keep it classy.

9. Don’t be desperate or beg you ex on Facebook for forgiveness or convince him or her to come back. If you really want to talk with your ex, do it in person.

If you’ve recently broken up with someone, instead of stalking and tormenting your ex and yourself on social media, we suggest you take advantage of to find someone new. Using Facebook and other social media sites should never be used to bash your ex or complain about your life.

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