9 Things You Should Not Text to Your Ex

Breakups are excruciatingly painful. Most men and women have done all sorts of unfortunate stuff like drunk dialing, walk of shame and so on to convince their exes to give their relationship a second chance. Most of them have resorted to, “desperate times call for desperate measures” type of flattering behaviors that made them more of a doormat. These desperate and needy gestures are turnoffs to most people and ultimately if will push your ex away. In return, your ex will believe that he or she made a right decision to end the relationship because of your needy and clingy traits.

However, we understand that breakups make a lot of feeling angry, insecure, embarrassed, resentful, but no matter what we eventually have to get over our exes and move on with our lives. We have to disconnect from our exes, seek support from our close friends and family, rebuild and focus on our personal, social and professional lives and improvements and have a positive and clear vision about the whole healing process. One of the healing processes post-breakups is the “six months no contact” rule. Try to honor it or at least don’t call or text your contact for a whole month. In the meantime, if you send a text, don’t expect a prompt response from him or her, or don’t expect the response you’ve been waiting.

Anyways, here are nine things you should never text to your ex:

1. Single phrase texts. Don’t send your ex texts like, “Hello,” “What’s up,” or “How are you doing?” If you really want to say something, get to the point and send an initiating text. Don’t keep your ex guessing what you’ve contacted him or her.

2. Flirty or romantic emoticons or texts. You aren’t a couple anymore. So don’t send flirty or romantic emoticons or texts, which you should only be sending when you’re in a relationship.

3. Angry texts. If you feel angry or upset, go to your friends and family for support. Don’t send hurtful or demeaning texts to your ex simply because you’re drunk, tired or lonely, and it’s easy. Be respectful.

4. Relationship discussions. Don’t reminisce over a text. After a breakup, if you want to share something or talk about your past relationship, your ex isn’t the person you turn. Instead, share it with your friends or write about it.

5. Booty-call requests. Always a bad idea. So, don’t do it.

6. Thinking of you/missing you Texts. This won’t help you with the healing process post-breakup. It’s obvious that both of you are thinking about each other, but the relationship is dead now. And thinking or missing your ex won’t bring it back into life.

7. Sexy or intimate pictures. Another terrible idea. Again, don’t do it.

8. Desperate, needy and apology messages. No one likes a person who is desperate and if needy or clingy in nature. And in a relationship, it’s a deal breaker. So, don’t try to get back to your ex by pleading over texts.

9. Marathon texts. Some people just can’t stop texting their exes. They send one text, then a second one, then a third one and it keeps on going. If you’ve sent a message and got a response the way you expected, then stop texting. Be okay with the reply you got from the first one.

So, that all and before we end, there’s a golden rule here – if you’ve had any doubts about your ex, then don’t text at all.

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