9 Things That Are A Total Turnoffs For Men While Dating

For most men and women dating can be intense, and if you’re meeting someone you dated online for the first time, it can be even more. It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous and insecure when meeting someone new for the first time given that some unexpected things can happen which can make you happy or upset. You should be prepared for both scenarios where he or she likes and decides to go on for a second date, or there will be not the second date. There are few reasons for it, some are inevitable, while there are some you can avoid doing.

Here will be talking about women and their physical appearance and what women do and wear while going on the first date or on dates, whichever you want to take it. You may get surprised to know what most women do and wear that may seem harmless to them, but are total turnoffs for men. Below are nine of the worst things that make most men cringe:

1. Don’t wear false eyelashes, hair extensions, and Spanx. Be real ladies, and as these scream fakeness.

2. Don’t keep wandering here and there when you’re with a man. This makes your date like you’re checking every other guy in the room except for him.

3. Don’t play with your hair. Your hair looks great. So, don’t worry about it.

4. Don’t keep applying lip gloss every other minute. If you keep putting on lip gloss now and then, it can get on your hair, the glass, the fork and everywhere. You man won’t kiss you because he will think if he does he will mess up your lip gloss and it will be all over you.

5. Stop complaining and get rid of your negative attitude. Don’t whine about the bad traffic, your annoying coworkers at work, how bad the weather is, how hard it for was for you to get a nice parking spot and so on.

6. Don’t be overly self-obsessed. It means that you’re too much self-involved and overly concerned about the way look and it gets noticed by people around you. Personal grooming is okay, and every guy knows that about a girl. But, a guy also doesn’t want to sit around for an hour for you to meet him. If you’re going to be late, let him know.

7. Wearing 4.5-inch heels on a date is very unattractive to most guys. He doesn’t want you to play dress up as an exotic dancer. Plus, don’t wolverine acrylic nails. Wolverine acrylic nails are gross, so are long nails. What’s wrong with a normal and old-fashioned manicure?

8. Ordering champagne and the most expensive item on the menu without any reason is off-putting and ostentatious. If you want to celebrate and eat something nice, it’s extremely appreciative if you ask.

9. And finally, turn off or put your phone into “Silent Mode.” Constantly, checking your phone for messages and taking calls in the middle of a conversation is inconsiderate and a mood killer. If you need to talk, then excuse yourself and go to the restroom.

The bottom line is dating someone new is like a job interview. You need to present the best of yourself and don’t want to disappoint your date. The above tips might seem harmless or subtle to most women and but it can make a guy cringe. And you don’t that to happen when you’re on a first date.

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