9 Ways to Tell A Girl Has A Crush On You

It can be hard to tell if a girl you like, likes you back. When you're talking to a girl, you're probably trying to figure out what's in her head. You may wonder if she's just being friendly or if she is interested in you as something more. Here are nine ways to tell if a girl has a crush on you:

Acting Weird

Does this girl seem super nervous when she talks to you? Does she fidget with a nearby object or bite her nails? Does her face become red and flushed? These can all be signs that she has a crush on you. Girls will often get nervous and appear to act strange when talking to a boy that they like.

Always Looking at You

This one can be tricky. Either you have something embarrassing on you…or she likes you. We're hoping it's the latter. Experts say that if someone makes and uninterrupted gaze at you for longer than 5 seconds, they're interested. If you keep catching this girl staring at you, she just might have a crush on you.

Making Excuses to See You

Do you find that you keep running into one another? Did you see her at a coffee shop you hang out at? Did you bump into her shopping at your favorite store? This is no coincidence. Girls take notice of the places you frequent and they'll start to hang out there. If a girl is purposely trying to run into you, this is a pretty clear sign she has a crush on you.

Laughing at All Your Jokes

Does the girl in question nearly fall on the floor with laughter when you tell a joke? Odds are you aren't that funny. Only so many of us are gifted with comedic genius.So if this girl acts like you're the next Jim Carrey, it's probably because she likes you. When a girl has a crush on you, she'll think all of your jokes are funny. This is partly because she likes you so much that she genuinely appreciates your jokes and because she's trying to make you feel good.

Playing With Her Hair

When a girl has a crush on you, you'll catch her playing with her hair for several reasons. The first reason is that it is a nervous habit. Like we said before, if she has a crush on you, she'll be nervous around you. So when you see her twirling her hair in her fingers, it's probably a nervous habit. Another reason is that she's drawing subtle attention to her hair. It's a known fact that men love long hair on women. If she's playing with her hair a lot in front of you, she might be trying to draw attention to her long locks.

Prolonging Conversations

In general, when you're attracted to someone you enjoy talking to them. If you notice that this girl keeps striking up conversation with you, it could be because she has a crush on you. Also, if you find that she prolongs every conversation, it could be because she has a crush on you. She might prolong the conversation by asking you a lot of questions and trying to show that she's interested in you. You'll also notice that she remembers even the smallest of details from your conversations. These are all huge signs this girl has a crush on you.

Sneaking In Subtle Touches

When you're around this girl, does she casually touch your arm or hand? She might be trying to “accidentally” touch you because she has a crush on you. Pay attention to how often she accidentally grazes your hand/arm/leg. If it's something she does continuously throughout conversation, it could be because she has a crush on you.

Changing Body Language

Watching a girl's body language is a foolproof way of seeing if she has a crush on you. Here's some changes in body language to look out for:

  • Dilated pupils – When you're attracted to someone, your pupils will dilate.
  • Turning towards you – We try to direct our bodies towards someone we feel attracted to.
  • Stepping in close – If she likes you, she'll try to stand closer and closer to you.
  • Increased heart rate – Our hates races when we feel attraction.
  • Fast blinking – Psychologists believe that rapid blinking is a sign of attraction.
  • Copying your mannerisms – Studies have shown that when attracted to someone, we begin to subconsciously mirror their mannerisms.

Acting More Seductive

This sign could occur in several ways. If a girl is dressing more seductively it could be because she is trying to get your attention. Is she wearing plunging necklines and short skirts when she never used to before? It could be a personal change in style or it could be because she has a crush on you. She might also act in a more seductive manner around you, like sitting in a way that shows more leg when you're talking to her.

Decoding a girl's actions can be super hard. Figuring out if her actions means she has a crush on you is even harder. Hopefully these nine signs help you find out if the girl you like has a crush on you.

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