9 Worst Lies Women Ever Told Their Husbands

We all tell lies, even the very best of us. If someone says that they are 100 percent honest in their relationships or marriages, they are lying 100 percent of the time. We can’t be saints, and sometimes telling lies is beneficial for the relationship. Just like women also lie in their relationships. We asked some women to tell us what the worst lies they told to their husbands are.

Here are nine of the worst and in some cases, widespread lies women tell to their partners:

  1. I was still having sex with my ex while dating my husband. We weren’t that serious at first, and I was still getting over from my ex-boyfriend. It wasn’t straightforward cheating; it’s just that we didn’t have a label and our relationship didn’t seem exclusive. But, my husband wasn’t seeing anyone else for sure, and that made me feel like a slut. But, I didn’t feel the need to admit it to my husband as he doesn’t need to know about it because it all worked out well in the end and I got really serious and cut my for ex-boyfriend loose for good.
  1. I sold my engagement ring for cash because I had to clear of my outstanding balances on my credit card. I didn’t tell him I sold the ring for money; instead, I said I lost it. I would have never done if I didn’t lose my job and had dues on my credit card.
  1. I wasn't a virgin when I got married to him. My husband thought that I was virgin when we got married. Sure, I was a virgin when I was dating him, but we had a fight and broke up for a while. During that time I slept with someone. But, my husband didn’t know any of it as he never talked about it. Maybe my virginity wasn’t a big deal for him as he assumed that maybe I would wait until marriage. But, that wasn’t the case.
  1. I had slept with a lot of men before I married my husband and he has no idea about it. He knows that I had sex with other men before marrying him, but the number I told him isn’t the real number. The actual number is in the two digits.
  1. I had got an abortion before I married my husband a couple of years ago.
  1. I was having an affair. I had a serious casual relationship for a long time at the end of my first marriage. Until today, I still can’t figure out whether my ex-husband didn’t know about it or just decided to let it pass.
  1. I wasn't taking my birth control when I had my third child. My husband thought that I was on birth control.
  1. I never put my husband in my will, which isn’t that uncommon if you have kids together. However, I included my sister.
  1. I know he's sleeping with his ex. My husband thinks that I don’t know when he is sexting his ex-girlfriend, as I noticed that he’s never in the mood when he’s home with me. But, I know for sure he’s having an affair with his ex, but I am not exactly sure. I also have a feeling that he will break up with me and get back with his ex and marry her.

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