A Good Workout Routine To Help You To Get A Bulky Physique

If you want to build a better body, you must have a very good and sensible workout plan. Most of you tend to work very hard on your fitness but still do not reap any results as you do not follow a good workout routine. Before starting to work on your fitness, it is very important for you to create a plan that will work for you. First of all, you shall know which type of body you are looking to get and then base your workout plan on that. If you are looking to get a bulky body that will help you to make the girls fall for you, then your workout strategy shall be different. It will help you to get a girlfriend and you can also get some girls for casual affairs as well. If you don’t know how to get a girl to have sex with you, it is not a big problem as the girls will come chasing after you. Here are some details about the workout plan that will help you to get the bulky and powerful muscles and enhance your look by several shades:

Step1: Go for the overhead press:

One of the first exercises that you shall include in your workout plan to get a better built is the overhead press of the weight. You can get these bars suspended in a rack and then try to lift it over your shoulder and make sure that both your arms are in the direction which is perpendicular to that of the floor.

You can then try to lift the more so that your abs become tighter and you might feel restrained. You can repeat the same five times when you start and then increase the workout by every passing day. Not having a body is sometimes the reason you don’t have a girlfriend and if you don’t know why you cant get a girlfriend, then just get a good body and within a few weeks, you will know everything. Girls will start chasing you and you will understand that the physique was mere reason that you were sidelined by the girls.

Step 2: press on an incline bench:

This is an even powerful part of a good workout routine that will help you to get a good built up. In this exercise, you can easily set a bench at around 30 or 45 degree and then get a weight bar suspended in a rack above it. You can get the bar around the shoulder area and then raise it above your body by putting force on it. Then you shall similarly try to put the bar back into the rack and repeat the exercise around 5 times for a start. You can also take a rest of around 1 minute before every other repetition.

Step 3: Dips:

Be it any kind of workout, dips is the most important ingredient as it helps you to generate very good amount of upper body strength and built. The best way to do the dips is to get you flat on two parallel suspensions and then try to press yourself until the arms are in the direction which is parallel to the ground. You shall repeat these dips at least as many as 50 times in a day and when you want a very bulky body; you can increase this count to 100 or even 500. You will find out that a good workout routine will always have the dips as a major part.

Step 4: Body pull-ups on a suspended rod:

This is another key part of your exercises that helps you to get the abs which is loved by the girls around the globe. The simplest way to do is to keep your hands outside your shoulders while you are suspended against the rods and then you shall try to pull up so that your chin gets over the suspended bar. This will help you a lot in adding that tenacity to your chest. If you are looking to get in a casual dating, the first rule is to look good and you must be aware about this along with casual dating rules to make sure that you do not have that many problems while looking for a partner to get involved with you.

Zottman Curl:

This is another very important exercise that will help you to have stronger and better looking biceps which contribute to your overall appearance. In this exercise, you need to make use of the dumbbells to help your biceps. Here is a guideline about this workout:

  • You shall start by holding the dumbbell while making sure that your hands and the sides are in parallel position to each other.
  • After this, you shall try to curl out the bars while keeping the other half of the arm as it is and rotate your hands so that it is facing the biceps.
  • Next, you shall make the palms to face the downward direction and try to get the weight that you are holding in a slightly lower position. You can repeat this step as many times as you want to have powerful biceps.

Exercising is one thing but you must be very careful with the diet:

All these exercises are not going to give you the fruits that you deserve until and unless you are having a strict diet plan. You shall always try to mix a good workout routine with right diet in order to have the maximum possible impact. If you are doing such a heavy workout, then your body needs more energy and as such, you must look to include proteins and carbohydrates in your diet plans which will give you the energy to do workouts for long hours without any stutter. You shall also be very peculiar about the timings of the diet and must avoid skipping any meal as you may feel the effects of skipping a meal even more intensely when you workout.

If you often think how to get a girlfriend in high school, you can start following these tips from now.

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